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I have had depression over 10 years . Can u get better where u dnt need medication .

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  • I have had depression over 10 years . Can u get better where u dnt need medication .

    I been diagnosesed with clinical depression an anxiety problems been on sev different meds but abt 8 months ago i feel like something snaped inside me stoped 2 my meds i feeling better an am able function betters . Can depression get better point where u can do better without medications my doc says if i am feeling good ann able functionn keep doing what i am doing . I think it helped i got a wonderful man in my life an able get out an enjoy life . I still take one the medications cause it helps me sleep an i can get a full night sleep cause i feel it helps put my head to sleep where i dont have worries racing my head . The doc put me on that med cause i wld suffer thru sev nights of insomnia where i wld go weeks without sleep or only sleep an hr a night an wldnt be able function the next day an look like someone beat the daylights out of me .Has anyone ever had it where u feel like your body has snapped to normal functionings . I think finding love an aceptence has helped emincelys an what has made things snap in me . I wonder if i am betters . ? I am puzzleds .

  • I'm not a doctor. But I've read a couple of books on this and we have kids who have had depression, DH is working out some Anxiety issues and well... I've needed help for a while.

    In short the answer is yes.

    Depression and Anxiety in particular can be helped for a time with meds and then you work on ways to cope with Anxiety (Talk Therapy and Meditation worked for DH) and you "MIGHT" no longer need the meds.

    Not being able to sleep ruins everything. So if you found a drug that helps with that? Great!
    Don't be afraid to ask for help if you have problems in the future. This is often (I think) the situation. Some people for example have uncontrolled anxiety issues when they have to fly. So, they use drugs for a short time and then are ok.

    That said its a really BAD idea to think you don't need drugs and just throw them out. I think one of the most common problems is the patient that takes the meds. Feels fine. Then figures "Why did I need these things?" and throws them out and has a horrable relapse. Working with your doctor is essential. Some drugs need to be dialed down slowly or you can have unbearable side effects.
    "Don't compromise yourself. You are all you've got." ~ Janis Joplin


    • Thank u

      Thank u - I worked with a doc they lowerd my doses till i got off . I got help from psychiatrist was in program with social worker that made sure i was doing what i was supose to . I grad out that program 4 years ago mom says its prob helped i got my life on track found a very caring man that i am engaged to . Planing on a happy future i still have some days when i am on edge but can get myself out of it by focusing on good things . I am able get calmed down about things by talking to my mother an my fiance abt things . Biggest thing is not worrying abt things that may happen an just dealing with em when they happenn its nice to know it can happen to be able get off medication an start feeling normal . I have family history of mental illnesses . My dad is bipolar an manic depresivee most my sibblings have degrees of problems . My moms even had to take anti depression medications . Had aunt that had split personality disorders on mom side so i have grown up with it in family . i think its helped finding someone that loves me an wants me no matter what is willing stick arounc th icky stuff ,


      • Love, true love can be an amazing thing.

        Before he came along, you had nothing to hope for in that department and so, you would still be depressed... But, he walked into your life, obviously, loves you un-conditionally and you are extremely happy as a result.

        I agree with Pheobe, still work with your Doctors, lowering dosages but the thing is, you are happy and so you don't have the strong desires to be depressed.

        Things that happen in your family, doesn't mean that you turn out that way 100% either. So, don't feel that because of Dad, Aunt, Mum, Siblings, you are destined to continue down this path forever.

        Just, understand when it starts to happen again and ask yourself what triggered it and then work towards that trigger not occurring again.

        Our brain is an amazing thing, what we tell it and condition it to remember it will remember....



        • Also as a note, many of the medications for mental health issues are not meant to be long term. Studies show that being on them for a prolonged period of time can cause bone degeneration and other serious health problems, so it's definitely a good idea to only be on them as a temporary fix while you work on resolving the real issues behind your depression and anxiety.

          I also have dealt with depression since wow, for more than 10 years now. I was on zoloft briefly but hated how it flatlined my emotions. I simply felt nothing. I would much rather feel the depths of my emotions than nothing at all - that is not truly living. I went off of it and started taking St. John's Wort. It works great, it feels 'lighter' than depression meds and there are no side effects. Other ways to deal with depression: exercise. Talking (with friends or in talk therapy). Learn to identify your emotions: how are you feeling exactly? What are your triggers? What is it about the triggers that bother you? Once you start analyzing it, sometimes the problem shrinks in size and enormity. As a wise person once said, "we are afraid of what we do not know." Understanding and knowledge are the keys to overcoming your demons.


          • I am 37 and have severe depression for the last 5 years. I was even in the hospital numerous times because of it. The doctors put me on medicine but what helped me was I found again what gives me pure joy and everything was ok. I got my life back. I started doing what I enjoy, running marathons and I found a full time job I could handle and have been at for 2 years. I dont think depression is a life sentence and you dont have to be on medicine forever. It is great news to hear you say to your doctor that something good has happened and you notice something has changed for the better. It is wonderful news. I dont even know you and it is so wonderful to hear that someone who suffered from depression is happy and at peace. Like the doc said, keep doing what works. congratulations.


            • Sorry if I missed something in another person's post but isn't going straight off MAOI or SSRI drugs quite dangerous? I always thought you had to gradually wean off these drugs.
              Do not dwell in the past,
              do not dream of the future,
              concentrate the mind on the present moment.

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