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Bypolar or Alcoholism

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  • Bypolar or Alcoholism

    Hello to all,

    I was wondering if anyone has any experience with someone you know that has been an alcoholic for many years, showing no signs of being bypoloar and then the Dr.'s diagnosed them as bypolar.

    However you know they are not bypolar. Is it too easy for Psychologists to diagnosis instead of getting to the bottom of the alcoholism?

  • It's my understanding that there are several physical tests as well as questions asked in order to determine Bi-Polar.

    There is also a strong genetic conponent, medical history is required. Also to oliminate other illnesses that can mimic the symptons of bi polar such as thyroid disorder.

    Bi-polar people ( my ex had a girlfriend who had it), experience highs (big highs) and lows (big lows) extreme energy basically to deep despair, mood swings.

    Such as, impulsiveness, recklessness, irritability, un-explained sadness, crying spells, loss of energy, feeling worthless, unexplained aches and pains, re-occuring dreams of deaths or suicides.

    Bascially they can be on such a high one minute and such a low the other.

    They can forget things that they have done.

    They can be in-secure about their body and want to change it and be excited about that change, to then change their minds and feel total despair...

    It's a difference of moods, up and down all the time basically.

    Alcoholism basically only shows or shows mainly, depression.... Constantly feeling depressed and in need of something to help them feel happy.



    • a lot of alcoholics suffer from other disorders ie depression, panic and anxiety and bi-polar. they use the alcohol to help them cope. my ex husband is suffering from depression but abuses alcohol rather than admit he has a problem. i think its fairly widespread.


      • Happy Ending is correct. Many alcoholics do suffer from other disorders. My mother suffers from depression and anxiety. She masks this with alcohol which in reality only makes it worse. My father was the same way. Both of them would rather drink than take the medicine they need to help with their problems. It's very sad... However, my ex boyfriend is an alcoholic but doesn't suffer from anything but boredom. (In my true opinion, I think that he is bored with his life and that is affecting him. I think it makes him sad or feel like he is going no where which, he's not. He drinks everyday and it makes me sad. It's starting to affect his looks. He sent me a picture today because he got his hair cut and wanted my opinion. I was distracted by how sickly he looks. He admits he has a drinking problem but he says, "It's just what I do." He has to want the change for himself but he doesn't.)
        "All the beats and melodies keep realities at bay but what happens when the records done and starts to fade away? Alone within myself again, I try to veil away my pain. The dirty grey surrounding me 'round..... And now I hear no sound."


        • my mother has been an alcoholic for many years. She went to the Dr. for counseling. I don't think she is very upfront with them regarding all her problems. It appears it was easier to diagnose her having bipolar rather then deal with the alcoholism. So now she is on drugs for something I feel she doesn't have and acts weird on them. However still drinks. The drinking is not being dealt with, this has been pushed aside.

          It has been very frustrating to see her in this condition.


          • i find alcoholics very frustrating. my ex was an alky. even when his life was in the toilet as a direct result of his drinking he was too busy blaming everything else (mainly me) i still get angry, when he starts his carp, he thinks booze is his best friend but it is in fact his worst enemy. unfortunately you cant help your mother, any help you give her basically comes down to enabling. do you live with her, if so can you move out? how much contact do you have with her. good luck with everything.


            • Have they warned her that drinking with BP meds could cause serious problems? Most meds don't mix well with booze. Maybe you should call her doc and have a chat?


              • I've been in several relationships with people who struggled with alcoholism and bipolar illness. Both were good friends of mine and unfortunately both have passed away over the last few years. They were my girlfriends and I tried to live with them and cope but it was'nt easy. My bestfriend could'nt go a day without a bottle of vodka,it was terrible and very sad. My girlfriend would blackout and verbally & physically abuse me too and the next day she would'nt remember how she treated me either. i feel so angry how she treated me whenever she was in a blackout,but I feel it prolly was'nt really her but the bottle. All in all I've seen people go through this and it's not very easy. It sure has tested my patience.

                I to this day do not know how to tell someone to stop abuse but for one I've been a friend to them and tried to cope. I cry so much about this and others who go through the same. God bless.


                • I do not live with my mother. I have my husband and children that I have to be concerned for and have learned to set my moms alcoholism aside. I have played the tough love for several years now and still does not make a difference. I am doing what is needed for the safety of my children.

                  She has mixed her BP and the alcohol and several trips to the ER due to it. But nothing has fased that. i have done what i can do, it is all in her hands now.

                  She knows that we are here for her however the relationship with my kids are growing apart as she does not make the effort. I cannot push my kids on her any longer, they are getting of age to make their minds for themselves.

                  It is very scary knowing what she does but she does not want to hear from anyone. Her Dr.'s are the ones who "know her" and are the "professionals". This is her feelings on it. So I am unable to voice my opinion. No type of counseling for the family whatsoever. If they did, she would be busted and the Dr. would know more about her.

                  All I can do is take care of my own.

                  Thanks for all your words.


                  • i am sorry your mum has caused you so much pain, but despite that you really love her. do you think she is a accident waiting to happen? it sounds like you have almost resigned yourself to this. i am glad you have a loving family, take care. I get sad listening to my daughter talk about her father, everyone talks a lot about illegal drugs - but i think its the legal ones that do the most damage!


                    • She has had many accidents, however she is very fortunate it has not taken her life. I have explained to her what the ending maybe: cancer, heart attacks, but nothing gets through to her. All I can do is be sure my children are safe, my mom knows that we love her however we cannot allow this to upset us, stress us out day in and day out. There have been many times to where she cancels dinners, flaked on the grandkids therefore it will take time for me to open back up. I do not want to keep her grandkids from her, however if she feels she will be intoxicated then I do not want them around that. They do not deserve to see her like that. They do love her, but they have seen her more drunk then sober and now with the Bipolar meds they are seeing her in another way. It is very upsetting. No kids should not be involved with their grandparents.


                      • if my opinion counts for anything can i just tell you how wonderful you are in your attitude towards your mother. she has caused you pain and real grief but instead of hating her and feeling resentment you still have a relationship with her and encourage your kids to also. you seem to be so well balanced, she is lucky to have you in her life.


                        • happyending,

                          I want to say thank you. It is very nice to hear see those words. Its very difficult for anyone to understand my way in doing things. Our family members are enablers therefore do not understand where I am coming from.

                          I do no hate or resent, however there is a lot of anger there. But I am dealing with it in my own way. My way of controlling the issue and my way of being in control. Not her. That is why this is all working in my way and I am not the enabler of the family and a great way to teach my children they can still love their grandma but not allow her disease to take control of our Unity.

                          And yes your opinion counts. This is where I have learned on how to deal is listening to others. Especially the show "Intervention". It is an eye opener.

                          thanks again


                          • i said before that my father was an alcholic as was my ex husband, but how much worse must it have been for you growing up with your main care-giver an alcoholic, did you feel like you are the parent and she is the child? you dont sound like an enabler, you sound very rational, i bet the rest of your family see you as mean and hard hearted! enablers always want to feel better about themselves!


                            • Wow, having you understanding what kind of person I am through words is so refreshing.

                              It was hard for my care giver to be an alcoholic. Especially when I needed her in my teen years. Of course most of the time, I took advantage of the situation if my father was not around. But as i got into my 20's and had children then it really began to be a problem to me. I am still parenting her. And i don't think it is fair. And yes, my family feels that I am being too hard on her. That I should cut her a break. I keep telling the same family members, "who gave me a the break"? And they are not the one who sees her in that condition, or has to tell their children that grandma is not feeling well and can't have them over.

                              My grandmother pushes her on me. She wants me to give her a "chance". She wants me to give her responsibility to do things. But she fails to realize, I have given many and she doesn't take them. How many times does a person have to be hung up on, plans/parties cancelled? Not anymore for me at least. My family will not understand until they step back and realize enough is enough.

                              And I may take a year, or two or even more then that before I can let my mom back in. I have been hurt since 13 yrs old. And now my children being the same age have been hurt since they were born. I have to stand up for them. For myself... well that is long gone now. But she can regain the relationship with her grandkids if she gives it the chance. But there is NO effort there. I have no problem with having a relationship with her but she will have to make the effort not me. And that is where my family gets upset with me. OH WELL..



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