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Completely cured my anxiety, but now I have another problem!!

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  • Completely cured my anxiety, but now I have another problem!!

    Well, about 2 years ago I suffered a death in the family.. my brother who I grew up with my whole life died of cancer at the young age of only 35... after this happend I became what I like to call "Terminally depressed" .. I ended up losing my job because I didn't want to leave my bed and be out in the world, I just wanted my brother to come back... Sooner or later I started forcing myself to get up out of bed and by this time I was still very depressed but not enough anymore to make me completely immobilized, I also found myself to be INCREDIBLY anxious dealing with severe anxiety all throughout my days dealing with CONSTANT panic attacks. Especially in social situations... So a friend of mine convinced me to go see a psychologist who eventually referred me to a pyschiatrist who I began to see regularly...This doctor must have put me on and I must have tried every drug out there from zoloft to paxil, prozac, celexa, buspar, klonopin, and most recently xanax which I'm still on.

    NONE of these meds worked for me... the depression, anxiety, and worst of all-panic attacks continued. Eventually, desperate, I began scouring the web for answers and I eventually came across this site .. which is this program to cure anxiety/panic attacks for good all naturally.. To make a long story short, it worked incredibly for me.. my anxiety is gone, depression as well almost all but gone, and I haven't had a panic attack in over a month. I do though from time to time still feel sorrow over my brother. However, this is my problem: I'm still taking my xanax because I'm completely ADDICTED.. when I try to stop taking it I start going through incredible withdrawls mentally and physically... If I would have known of this addiction problem I would have never allowed my doctor to put me on them. Has anyone else suffered from benzo addiction and if so, know how to safely get off it with minimal side effects?? Please any advice/comments/suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!

    P.s- For those of you on SSRI antidepressants, I would really recommend taking a look at this site:From what I can tell looking in hindsight, these are potentially very unhealthy dangerous drugs.
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  • Gosh, Jacky, you certainly are deep into your problem and no doubt a lot of people will agree that wacky is a good nickname for you, as you make it seem well justified...

    It seems you can't get over your losses and choosing that nickname indicates you have already lost your self esteem as well, Jacky, and that is the problem you have to overcome as you need a positive attitude of yourself before being able to deal with life...and any type of addiction as well...

    I don't know a thing about these drugs you are dealing with and don't care to know either. You are seeing doctors and they do what they feel is best for you...that's their job...

    You know, Jacky, everyone loses someone close to their hearts as that's life's cycle. Yet, we all must get past our mourning and get back on our feet again. If yours is to take the road to self-destruction, you will find it if not letting go of the past sadness...

    My only thoughts are that you follow the advice of doctors and find an activity you really enjoy and make that your road to return your self-esteem, a positive self-image attitude and newer success for a better future independent of drug reliability...

    I wish you well, Jacky, and know you can do it...just don't give up on yourself...



    • Hey Jacky.. I'm sorry to hear about your brother. Congradulations on overcoming your anxiety and panic attacks... It's always good to hear positive stories from people. I also for the most part am over my anxiety.. coincidently as a result of the same program from the very site that you mentioned. It has worked very well for me as well... As far as your addiction problem, I'm not sure but I would say the way to do it would be to probably slowly ween off of it just like you would with any other drug.. Have you told your doctor about this problem???


      • Wow your story so much reminds me of what I'm going through now. I'm still dealing with having lost 2 friends in less than a year. One of them was my bestfriend and she passed away in front of me,the other one was also in the room when that happened but passed away 5 months later of an overdose. My friend who died of an OD was also only 34 years old.If you've read my other thread I mention about the friends I've lost. Over the past 6 months I've been dealing with not wanting to go out so much and dealing with lots of anxiety and depression like you've just described.
        I'd like to know more what you did to conquer the depression you had. I've been diagnosed with severe agoraphobia and losing my friends made it much worse. I'd like to know what steps I can take to get out of it.
        Other than that I wish you luck overcoming your addictions.


        • Hey hun.. well it looks like it was taken out of my original post but I began an anti-anxiety/panic attack program which really worked wonders for me.. I would recommend checking it out. But what I would definitely say is that alot of the condition has more to do with OCD than anything. Obsessing over your thoughts and your own condition and needlessly over analyzing everything and really becoming your own worst enemy... I remember when I would have panic attacks because I was feeling anxiety thinking about having a panic attack. what gives you your grief is the same thing which can provide you with the relief ... your own mind.


          • Hello WackyJacky(love ur name btw ....

            Anti-anxiety program?? I'll have to look into that....not sure I ever heard of that before and wonder if it even exists around my area, but I'll do a search on that. Yea what you describe is what I'm going through now.


            • Hey I just got your note....saw the link you posted in there except it says I have to pay money for it?? Drats,honestly I don't think I have the money for something like that now Is there an anxiety program I can join where I don't have to a buy an online product? Oh well, thanks for trying to help....seems like I'll really have to think about it and look deeper for a solution.


              • The link was deleted of your page Isabellacat... as spam advertising, please all be aware that any links that are sent on Private Pages will take time for a Moderator to detect and we ask that you do not open the link, in-case 1) it's a virus and 2) advertising and report it to the Moderators.

                The person's intention may be good as well but we ask that you leave it to Admin or a Moderator to ascertain on your behalf.

                Google how to cure anxiety and I am sure you will find free sites to read up on ...

                Take care.

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