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dpression,qutiapine fumerate, counsellor

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  • dpression,qutiapine fumerate, counsellor

    two years back,I went through a acute depression phase and disorder thinking, I went to psychiatrist and he told me to test thyroid (TSH) and gave one medicine qutiapine fumerate 250mg. After 3 months the dose has been decreased to 100, since last one and half year I am taking 75mg qutiapine and 25mcg L-troxin. I live far from my native place with my husband. One of my friend's sister stays in this town, come to my home frequently. I started hate her because, she used call my husband frequently and discussed about her unnecessary problem with him. I got irritated, I told my husband not to call her, still I found he used to call her. I got irritated and discussed with my common friends. I could not control myself to discuss with frineds to control this,and very worried. I discontinued the thyroid medicine, but used to take qutiapine 75mg. Doctor told me increase it to 100mg. Now the things are in control, but still I have forcefully stopped the talk. I want to know, my this type of behavior is not normal? I could not tolerate that my husband and my frinds sister started to observe me, as if they are correct and observing me whether I am suspecting them or not, whether I am normal, this thing I could not tolerate. I need suggession from you, what should i do in my future to handle this situations. What is the effect of qutiapine in pregnancy.

  • We have intuition right? And, your feeling it with her.

    Let me ask you honesty, as you live remote may be different, so do you think then, that you would react this way with any other women, in-other-words, all women with your husband or just this lady?

    Your husband is being either disrespectful, or is engaged in something, emotional affair, something, lightly stating... He says he will not do it and yet you have established it hasn't stopped or it has stopped now? You say:

    still I found he used to call her
    You should definitely not have to tolerate something when someone "agrees" with you and say yes, I will, then goes back on their word. There's no trust and there is diseption...

    Regarding the qutipine, do what your Doctor is recommending however, ensure he knows the stress you are under at present and without details, what. He may wish to look at it different, you have to communicate there. And whilst there, ask about if it would effect pregnancy.

    But, again....

    If your man is like this why are you thinking of getting pregnant to him?


    I know you probably are along way from home, family. But, talk with them and let them know how your feeling.

    Ask him... "Are you Cheating?" and check the body language.

    I'm not saying things can't be fixed, or he is cheating physically, I am saying that you need to know that yes means yes, not yes for 1 second just to shut you up....true?

    Hold off on the baby thoughts just for a bit...

    You have too much going on in your life and need to be happy and carefree....more....



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