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Codiene nightmare?

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  • Codiene nightmare?

    I wouldnt call myself an addict, but i'm rather keen[/U]on codiene. I was just wondering if there is anyone else out there that has the same keeness on it? What they think of it? Bad experiences? Etc, anything really. Im interested as I was the pne who 'discovered' it within my group of friends etc, therefore if they wantto know anything about it they will come to me, and lets face it, im no doctor, i only know so much! Thanks

  • How about trying to get high on life?


    • I do not know where your friends get the codeine from but generally speaking there is not as much to worry about (this DOES NOT mean it is 100% safe nor should you get high). No you should not be taking 12 pills at a time, or large amounts everyday because it is an opiate. An opiate is a type of drug that helps with pain management and a side effect of them is "feeling high". Prescriptions at some point, as far as I know, are the only way to get your hands on drugs of this nature (as well as illegally of course).

      Just to put it in simple terms as to why it is really not a good idea to use these drugs for recreational purposes...codeine is related to Heroine, Morphine, Percocet, Vicodin, Hydrocodone, and Oxycodone. There is also codeine in 222s. However, and do not quote me on this because I am going off of memory of class notes, I do not know if there is enough codeine in them to get that euphoric effect. Anyway, If you have ever heard of those names of those drugs on the TV or news or whatever you will know that use other than for medically relevant pain management the use of these types of drugs can lead to some serious addictions.

      I have used Tylenol 3's (T3's) which I am sure many other people have as well and I did get that euphoric feeling. Mine were for getting my wisdom teeth out, and the pain did go away but when the pain was not terrible I took them anyway I got very mildly high. It was interesting but I would not do it again, mainly because I do not want to start down that path even if T3's are basically one of the most mild form of codeine you can get. I have to much to look forward to and so do you, I would say avoid the drugs and if you want to do something recreational go kick a ball around, go swimming, or pretend to care about other things just so you do not get involved in drugs.
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