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Do I have a hormonal imbalance?

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  • Do I have a hormonal imbalance?

    Hello everyone. I need some advice.
    I think I may have a hormonal imbalance or something along those lines. I recently have been very stressed out because of school. I constantly go through these mood swings every day. It started a couple months ago and hasn't got much better. I'll go from pretty happy but I honestly haven't been very happy in a long time. Then I got to either very depressed, anxious, agitated, or sometimes really mad. There's no reason for it. My mother has also described me lately as having these "obsessions" I'll focus my time on something stupid like my cellphone I just got I don't really like it so I just keep freaking out about it. Which is utterly stupid. But I get this wave of this feeling that causes me to panic about it. I can't sleep until it's very late at night and I can't stay awake any longer. Or I'll wake up at odd hours of the night for no reason. I feel "foggy" as if I can't clearly be in reality. I don't really understand it all. I feel lost and I sometimes need to talk to someone but it's so late at night and I'm afraid to call anyone because I know I'm being annoying to them, even when they say I'm not. What could be wrong with me?

  • This doesn't sound like anything serious, just an overall imbalance in... life!

    First off I'd recommend to do something about that stress. Why don't you mold your days into routines that include exercise, healthy eating, and a consistent sleep schedule (tire yourself out during the day and you won't have trouble falling asleep).


    • What people say affect you and cause Anxiety.

      As such you can't sleep.

      Stress is a very big active part in how our lives play out.. So, your first step is to definately see where you can change that.

      But, is there a sense of being needy?

      Needing to be accepted?

      Sorry your thread got lost there somewhere, I hope you are still viewing.


      • I wouldn't brush this off. After all you do know yourself best.
        alot of 'hormonal imbalances' do surface in the early 20's. (I assumed since you said you were in school?)
        Definitly something to bring up to your healthcare provider if minute issues cause you to make irrational unrealistic decisions or if you become angry to the point of destruction or violence. Also beware, hormonal imbalances have a way of progressing and spiraling out of control before you know it. Earlier caught the better, for you and your loved one's.
        Also doing a little research can be quite helpful as well. The mayo clinic website has tons of useful info.


        • I am a student as well and have had fairly similar problems (although not quite as extreme). I am not a health professional obviously, but I think you aren't necessarily experiencing a hormonal imbalance, but you sound more like a person that is stressed and depressed. Stress can cause that obsessive compulsive type behavior you are experiencing.
          School is extremely stressful, and sometimes it is so hard to feel like you have any control or balance in your life (I feel that way is why I say this).
          I think it would be best though if you talked to a doctor about it because you sound like you could use some help finding the cause of these symptoms!
          I wish you the best.


          • Do I have a hormonal imbalance?

            i have the same symptoms, that's so weird.especially my focusing on Iphone . but i also feel very stressed and my sex lige suks, cause i want sex a lot and i get horny easily, but i cant come(


            • Do I have a hormonal imbalance?

              have you tried to get your hormones tested?


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