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Feeling down

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  • Feeling down

    Hi I had the chance of a good job and made a mess of things. Now I am jobless and feel really down. I got myself so stressed about the new job, I had just had my eyes lasored not long before I started the job, I also doubted my ability to do the job, just before my period I just sob, and this WAS before my period, this all lead me to really bad anxiety, I didnt sleep all night at all, got so anxious and didnt go back. I have since explained and they didnt give me another chance. I know this may sound silly to some people, but i am loosing it before my period, I am 44. My doctor said its hormones fluctuating, I just cannot go on in this state!!!!!!!!!!!! I know i'm not perfect, now I just sit at home and feel so bad and get so upset.

  • Vonny, I'm sorry this happened. Another opportunity will come along soon. Can your doctor give you something to calm you down, or do you know of something that calms you down? Use such an aide before your next job if anxiety gets the better of you.
    I have but one lamp by which my feet are guided, and that is the lamp of experience.
    Shall we gather strength by irresolution and inaction? Shall we acquire the means of effectual resistance by lying supinely on our backs and hugging the delusive phantom of hope, until our enemies shall have bound us hand and foot?

    From a speech by Patrick Henry on March 23, 1775 at St. John's Church, Richmond, Virginia


    • Vonny, it sucks being a woman, it sucks have PMT but your viewing a job you wanted as a disappointment, that you weren't yourself, you now know to work towards applying and going for interviews not in that time of the month ( 1 week before ), or better still as jns stated, get something that won't spin you out but allow you to be you at that time, when you go for an interview.

      Off course, when your out of work you want that job.

      What about, "Universe is working for you" it wasn't the right job that you would have loved or given you what you want.

      Believe in yourself, I've gone on appointments in pain, tired and put on the actress mode just for that period of time, remembering I am good at what I do, condition yourself, don't feel negative, you know you can achieve go get it.



      • Hi V. Sorry you're havn such a bad time, hun. I've been fired from a few jobs, mostly for running my mouth. I dont even need to have pms to be a beach sometimes . Every time I got fired it was scary and hurtful. But looking back, I can see that each firing left me better off in the long run. Hang in there - things will get better.


        • Look at what you can learn from this experience and at what you can do differently in the future. The eye surgery is done so that won't be a factor in the future. Start watching your diet and getting some good, work up a sweat kind of exersize, those can both affect your mood tremendously. Research this, please, diet is huge in this, foods are chemical and do affect you in profound ways.

          In job interview situations Never make excuses. You have to learn to, as CW said you have to "put on the actress mode", no matter how you are feeling. If you come of as rollercoastering emotionally, unable to master yourself and push through, unable to control your emotions - they won't give you a second look. That is just the reality. The business is looking people who will be an asset to the company and high maintence people just aren't very attractive to employers. An interview is short but that and your resume are their window into what kind of employee you would be, it may not be a very accurate window but it's all they have to go on.

          What really interests you? What do you love to do? How could you translate that into employment? Can you get some additional training so you will feel more confident? Get a level headed freind to sit down with you and review your skills and strengths, not your job history, but your skills and strengths. Look at what those could transfer to in a variety of areas. Create a skills based resume rather than one that is a list of past jobs and positions. Get people to rehease and coach you in how to conduct your self in an interview, have them play the role of the interviewer and ask you questions that might come up. You can do a search and probably come up with a bunch of stuff. Yes, they can ask some really stupid, meaningless, oddly worded questions, you have to be able to field them effectively. In other words prepare to be on your game whenever the opportunity arises.


          • Thanks for your empathy! I am still trying to get another job!!!!!! doc didnt offer to help much only to give me the pill!!!! but dont really want the risks with it.


            • Thanks. I did ok at the interview I just cracked up when it came to starting the job.


              • Thanksx


                • Thanks, I have started jogging a bit to get exercise, it helps and trying to get more serotone based foods. I wonder if it is alot hormonal becasue I spoke to a friend and her sister is just like me!!!! she is starting the menopause, I just dont want it! I have all symptoms of progesteron difficency so got some Wild Yam to try!!!!!!!!


                  • Hey Vonny,

                    Exercise is the key to so much it really is So is eating right.. Do you really think your staring menopause or just your body telling you one day you will. In active sexual life will trick you into that feeling.

                    None of us want it, i had a taste but it went away, thankfully...

                    Keep to what your doing ok and add the greens in you food intake, and be positive.

                    PUT A LITTLE 'LIKE' IN MY SOUL!


                    • thanks for all the help and update now; After a LONG time another doctor I saw sugested I was checked for vit d, and I am difficient so that explains alot of things, including getting down and not handling things and being tired 24/7. I have been so tired I cannot excercise. I am going to see a nurse because if I try to have sex it feels sore, although I am not menopausal!! we try using lubricants but it doesnt help. My sex drive is still vacant thou!!!! still not job!


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