Idk what to do or what is wrong!!!!

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Idk what to do or what is wrong!!!!

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  • Idk what to do or what is wrong!!!!

    I have been having some really weird mental and physical symptoms. I can't be pregnant because I am and have never been sexually active. My symptoms include:

    No period for about four months

    Dizziness and weak legs at times

    Blacking out and loss of short term memory

    Loss of interest

    Constant fatigue

    I always feel "out of it"

    I got an MRI and the results were normal. I am under a great deal of stress and depression. Could this be causing such intense problems?

    Also, I used to smoke marijuana constantly but don't anymore. I have never done any other drugs. Can this cause problems even though I don't do it anymore?

    Please help me. I am really scared and don't know what to do. I also have no way to go back to the doctor. I am 19 trying to afford living on my own and can't afford more medical bills.

  • Hello there and welcome to the forum, are you on the pill?
    stress can make your body feel like everything you mentioned above, depression as well. If your MRI came back normal i would say it is all stress related.

    Maybe try find something you can do to relax?


    • It's possible you have Chronic Fatigue...

      Usually bought about by an injury or major stress.

      You say you stress alot, Chronic Fatigue is a way for your body to rest, and you need lots of it.

      Blacking out concerns me though.

      Google Chronic Fatigue first and see if that ties in and visit us again to see if any other Member's have simular symptoms.



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