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mentally ill parents

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  • mentally ill parents

    hayy guys im 18 and both parents has got skitsophrenia and deppression.. iv seen them go in a sitractric unit a few times when i was a baby intill 11years old.. this has a big compact on my life and cant cope as my dad gets taken the mick out off everyday because of his waight.. i dont know what to do

  • Are you worried for him? How he feels from this are these people he doesn't know or close family?

    I can imagine the difficulty in any event it is for you to cope on a daily basis with parents that are always feeling down and paranoid.

    Do you have a close relationship with your Grandparents? What do you do to get out and about..

    Tell us a little more about yourself, your life so we can answer and give our thoughts .

    Welcome to the Forum...



    • i dont have grandparents they died when i was young and not born yet,
      my family live about 200 miles away and hardly get on with them..

      i am desparetly worried about what my dad could do to him self.

      they sometimes bully me to and its horrible but he gets it constant so i have a go at them even gone after them with a knife..

      this may sound horrible but iv got me own problams that need sorting like i had to have a abortion due to ex boyfriend and my home background
      im still cut up about it and its effecting my eating

      thank you for posting on here


      • Awee bonnie you are too young to play the matria in everything what a lovely heart you have.

        You know we are known as "family" so you don't really have anyone to talk to about anything...You selfishlessly worry about your Dad whilst going through your own pain, putting that aside..

        Honey go and get tested, I know your concern and it maybe hereditory but maybe not, don't feel that you can never have children unless you are told it will be inheriteded...

        We are here as your other family, we are different here than other Forums.

        I know that defense and knives make you feel you make a stance a difference, I guess you are the only child, but they are dangerous, can be turned on you although teezing usually is words only so they probably run when they see you but gain orders from the Police to keep their distance don't risk you life.

        You know this strength will help you later in life but you have to talk to someone about how you feel all of it, so you can express, let it out, get it out and cope.

        We are here.



        • my dad has 4 all together and im my mums only child.. i cant feel a bond between me and my parents at all dunno why but i cant talk to them
          i eva feel that its gonna put them on a low again or i just cant sit there and talk but io can with certain people (if that makes sense )


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