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anxiety misery

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  • anxiety misery

    so now it has been 15 months of endless daily anxiety. i have tried everything from claire weekes books, diet and life styles changes, meditation classes, daily exercise (even joined a pool for leisure swimming)vitamins and total blood workup with doctor! All started with severe hot flashes in july 2010.. taking bioidentical hormones and hot flashes reduced. but the anxiety is killing me like i cannot express! i now ready to take medication..( i have ativan but not working as well anymore) i would like some suggestion for the mildest least addictive, least side effects anti-anxiety medications that can help menopausal women... please tell me your experiences.

  • I am at the age where every now and then I get that dreaded "perimenopause", I feel for you but give yourself alot of credit, you've done everything you can so far that is natural, but don't be afraid to try different things to help you. Let your Doctor know of your fear of addiction and side effects, see what he/she suggests.

    I'm also bumping this thread as it appeared to have got lost in the system..

    Best wishes ladybarb


    • I have tried different anti-anxiety and antidepressant medications and I feel the best that has worked for ME has been Wellbutrin XL, but that does not treat anxiety, only depression. As far as when I'd feel high anxiety (When i came off the birth control pill it was sky high), I started on Celexa, it gave me restless leg sydrome for the 1st week and all side effects passed after that. It helped within the first week! I also was on Zoloft for many years and had no problems with that. The reason I came off was because I wanted to lose weight and felt I was unable to lose it while on them. I feel it is a good form of therapy to take those (SSRI's) short term (6 months). I've had success on them.


      • Thanks Lizz we can always count on you.

        That's probably true, short term can't hurt whilst you experiment to find the best thing for you.

        As for your signature, truly correct one day at a time.

        Any one else that can offer some advice if not support ?


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