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Anciety and Unexplained weight loss.

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  • Anciety and Unexplained weight loss.

    I'm not one to post on things like this but my anxiety has gotten the best of me. It has been a rough year and it has taken it's toll on my body. I'm wondering if others have had these issues and if it is just anxiety or if there are more serious medical issues underlying. In the past year my life has had many severe changes, my parents are divorcing, I was engaged and my fiance left me and I moved and started a new job. I have lost over 45 lbs. I am 5'8" and went from 184-186 to just under 140, today 138. I haven't been this thin since middle school and I am 25. I have had many panic attacks. During attacks my body will physically shake, my heart rate will elevate, I will get clamy, and I usually can't stop crying...they last usually for a few hours. I have had severe pain in my stomach, constant shooting pains which feels almost like an ulcer. It has resulted in me becoming extremely fatigued and weak. If I am in the midst of an attack and I eat, I will throw up, and there are days where my appetite is non existent. I still try to eat but it usually isn't much. There are days when I feel my body is just plain rejecting me. Recently my vision has started to become blurry and I am having trouble seeing in certain lights and my eyes dry quickly (I wear contacts) I find myself extremely thirsty and like I cannot physically drink enough to quench my thirst. I drink coffee in the morning and sometimes soda in the afternoon but no matter how much water I drink I still feel thirsty. I am thinking that it is just anxiety, stress, and maybe a little depression from this stressful year, but I am worried about the affects on my body. I have started to see a therapist and she too is concerned by the amount of weight I've lost. I can't seem to gain anything if I try and I still lose about a lb a week. I was eating raw cookie dough by the roll at one point and not gaining. Is this normal? I am broke and worried about the costs of medical testing. I just recently got health insurance and just now able to start to seek treatment. I read online about hyperthyroidism, diabetes, and even cancer. I am extremely scared and it definitely adds to my anxious thoughts. Anyone else have any similar experiences? How did it turn out for you?

  • Welcome to the Forum.

    From all that you described that you have been through, it makes sense that the weight has fallen off dramatically that's a lot of stress to go through, alot.

    I would suggest in addition, the Divorce and the engagement now over, has been very traumatic for you yes?

    Trauma causes fear.. Fear with no trust, no trust for the future and the present...

    This causes Anxiety, fear...

    Do you have anyone that you trust in your life that will just listen to you?

    Off course we will as well.

    I am glad you have insurance now but I don't believe you have anything such as cancer you need to work through your parents divorce and your break down of your engagement step by step and get back on top of things, feeling "it's ok" and knowing that you will find someone else and you can not help what happened to your parents and it's not your fault.


    • The sysmptoms that u described sound like gastreoporitis,diabetes,and a whole lot of stress. Im 5"4 and am usually 115 but recently am down to 97. And i cant gain any weight as well. Are the pains shooting in your belly? Or dull knawling pain? What meds do u take? My thyroid turned out normal and i still dont kno why im so underweight too. It might just be all the crap were both goin thru or maybe something is being undetected


      • Thread closed on OP’s request.


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