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  • Trust

    I have a hard time trusting people which makes relationships of any kind hard. I would assume because an adult male I trust when I was 14 broke that trust. I won't go on to details. I don't want people I love today to pay for mistakes others made against me in the past. But I have made a lot of accusations against people who truly love me.. I feel like I am going crazy always thinking I am always thinking I am being betrayed, it interfere with my confidence and I am so Jealous all the time. I feel sometimes that I may have some sort of mental disability.. I am so afraid of getting hurt that I imagine and create scenarios and then they become reality and I start accusing people of things they have never done. I live in world of being afraid I am going to get hurt. Any advice???

  • Hi Bobbi.

    At 14 years of age you are still a child and off course naturally you trust Adults in that knowing. For someone to break that trust can give you scars.

    But, you have to forgive this person not to his face, in order for you to move on now. What he did was wrong. Don't let him take your whole life with you.

    You may need to seek counselling In order to realise that "that" was him, not the World and everyone in it and how to cope with people and yourself from this.

    There are good people in this World.

    You shouldn't continue living that way, it's not a disability rather a mental issue that you have to let go off and deal with first.


    • I am very slow to trust, but what I learnt is that you have to, especially if you care for someone. Being jealous and mistrusting will only ruin your relationships. Don't get stuck in your past, moving on with your life will only make you stronger.


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