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Suddenly feeling depressed.

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  • Suddenly feeling depressed.

    I've suddenly started feeling what I think is depression, I'm sorry if I'm wrong.

    A few months ago, me and my partner moved into his dads to be closer to his work and to be together. At first it wasn't that bad, but it's gotten gradually worse. We're being talked to and treated like rubbish when we do all we can to help out and we do everything for ourselves. We, and many other family members, think that we pay way too much weekly when we buy our own shopping, so money is making me stressed and upset. We currently don't have jobs but my partner has upcoming temporary work. (We're on what's called Jobseeker's Allowance, we get money weekly whilst searching for a job).

    Because we have no money, we can't go out often. I hardly get to see my own mum because we have no money and I have lost all of my friends, I don't think this is just down to the fact I can't go out often anymore. But we have become pretty much 'shut ins' that stay on our computers all day because we can't afford to go out.

    I have probably applied to over 100 jobs in the past month or 2 and have only heard back from about 3 or 4, all of which were unsuccessful.

    Living here is effecting mine and my partners relationship. We're still very happy together, but we end up in more arguments and such because of our living situation. All we want is to move out into our own place.

    Those are all the things that have made me feel like this.

    I have become incredibly emotional, I cry a majority of the time when I never used to cry this much. Money situations and other things bring on the tears. I never want to get out of bed because I hate the house, I'd rather just lie in bed with my partner all day. I seem to have no energy or motivation, I'm constantly tired, I often have my headphones on loud to shut off everyone else, I feel unattractive and my confidence and self esteem is lower than ever. I've noticed slight weight gain also which hasn't helped.

    What can I do? I feel like I'll be a lot better off if we move out but that isn't an option just yet. I have never felt like this before. If it helps, both me and my partner are 18 almost 19, I don't think all of this is 'down to hormones'

  • What country are you in?


    • England


      • I don't have much insight, in that case, as far as a job goes.

        Sounds like moving out is a good idea tho.


        • We won't have the money to do so for a long time, but we've applied through the council and we're in the process of it. Hoping to be out after Christmas, but I feel it's getting worse. His step mum is the worst, she's two faced and talks badly about us behind our back when she thinks we can hear her. I don't even want to hand in the weekly keep because of how we're treated.


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