im scared dont understand whats going through my head!

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im scared dont understand whats going through my head!

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  • im scared dont understand whats going through my head!

    ok well i just had a baby girl 5 months ago! im a single mom.. ive been diagnosed with depression before.. its not anything towards my daughter its more towards everything else like her father goin to jail, had to get a protective order against him, my brother is recovering from drugs, me never having enough money, am i going to be living with my parents for the rest of my life, my crappy job stuff like that is running through my head constantly. im never really happy i just smile like iam. im always in a bad mood i sleep all the time, i never really feel like doing anything! whats wrong with me? anyone have any ideas Help me please!

  • Friends, Family

    Mommy28, I have been where you are. You CAN and WILL get thru this. It does sound like depression to me. Now, my husband has not been in jail, nor have I had to get a restraining order against him, but I have been pregnant at home with my parents because we just couldn't seem to make it work. Had one in the belly another on the way. I just totally felt like I was going to be at my parents house and broke for the rest of my life!!!! Question, do your parents push/support you? Do you have any CLOSE/TRUE friends that you can talk too? Not someone that is going to bring you down, but someone that is going to encourage you. That is what you need is some encouragement! I know it doesn't sound like much and encouragement doesn't pay the bills....but YOU gotta know it's going to get better.Put YOUR foot down and say I am GOING to make a change, and slowly but surely make a change. If only one step at a time! Good luck and God bless


    • I am positive it is postpartum depression. Talk to your doctor as he can prescribe antidepressants.



      • Originally posted by prayerbear View Post
        I am positive it is postpartum depression. Talk to your doctor as he can prescribe antidepressants.


        This thread was started in 2007, doubt she will reply


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