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HELP! Rabies fear ruining my life

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  • HELP! Rabies fear ruining my life

    I've been suffering from hypochondria since childhood and I usually don't let it bother me. My current fear is rabies so I've been very catious and It's actually gotten to the point where I'm afraid to go outside, because I think a rabid bat will bite me! The other day I went to Dairy Queen with my boyfriend and I ordered a Pumpkin Pie blizzard and now I'm afraid that they used pumpkins bitten by a rabid animal!! I also noticed two tiny scabs on my arm about a cm away from each other and now I'm afraid I've been bitten by a rabid bat!! HELP, I can't let this ruin my life!!!

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    You're fine! Don't worry about this life's too short dear! Rabies is highly uncommon only 5 people on average get infected in U.S. every year. The blizzard you ate couldn't have rabies in it, because the virus only suvives a few seconds outside of a body! The scabs you had are most likely pimple that've scabbed up possibly from scratching your arms! Anxiety can make you feel sick trust me! As a hypochondriac myself I understand the way you're feeling! I've been afraid of rabies too and 've worked as a veterinarian and got plenty of bites and scratches, but never once contacted rabies or even gotten sick! You'll be ok, don't worry!


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      Welcome sara

      You know I have a phobia about heights. I think that everyone has some form of fear of something, it depends on how severe that fear is, as to whether it can turn into a phobia and that is what I feel that you may be going through, given you have hypochondriac symptoms.

      Self help is a good start.. To conquer my fear, I climbed a few steps, then a few more, then a hill and so on. I don't mind heights as much anymore off course I even fly out of town without any concern.

      So as much as you don't want to do this, I think you should start by just patting any animal, all animals and eventually be somewhere where a bat can be near you.

      If you are suffering extreme anxiety you need to see a Doctor and have some tests run to see what may be able to help lower this anxiety.

      Have you seen a Doctor?


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        In my opinion, when a fear or any issue begins to prohibit you from doing normal every day things, it is time to seek help. Though the fear is irrational, what you're experiencing is very real. Find someone who will work with you, on a mental level, and not just try to fill you full of drugs to band-aide the issue.

        According to the CDC, there are 1-2 cases of human rabies in the entire United States per year. There are 314 million people in the US. You do the math. And for those 1-2 that DO get rabies, they are able to treat it with a series of injections and totally rid of it.

        However, that's fact and logic, and like I said, I know hypochondria isn't logical. I think you need to seek some professional therapy to help you not only get over the fear of rabies, but of the hypochondria in general.
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          Hi, I am new to the site and look forward to insight. I have severe insomnia/anxiety and I am hypochondriac. I am constantly fixating on a new illness or problem. I FOUND A DEAD BAT NEXT TO MY CAR. My fear of rabies is long established and I had already determined it was the worst way to die. Finding this bat has taken complete complete control of my life. I rearrange my day around only doing activities before sundown. I think and contemplate the worst all day long.. No one understands me, I'm completely consumed. Help!


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            Karla, are you able to get access to any kind of professional help?

            Friends, family, and associates may just be looking at your concerns as irrational. They're not realizing how much all of us are motivated by irrationality. In fact, I think more of us have this particular issue than we'd like to admit. I've heard all sorts of people talk about how they "felt" sickness in the air when someone with a bad cold or flu came around and immediately start getting "symptoms," even though it takes days. I've "felt" them myself, only to later not have a cold at all.

            It's normal, human stuff. And probably based on good mechanisms, like self-protection. The problem is just that yours are out of whack to the point of compulsions. People should be more understanding. Just like someone who's body overreacts from peanuts or a bee sting needs a doctor, you might need a mental health professional to help you. Can you get access to one?
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                I second yoshiyoshi's post. Being a hypochondriac is quite common, so you're not alone. I think talking to your doctor and sharing these fears would be best. The doctor can't cure you, unfortunately, but he/she can refer you for therapy/group sessions. I know you feel you're the only one who feels this way, but you're not. Make that appointment. It seems to me that you are ready to face these fears of sickness.