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Living Alone

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  • Living Alone

    Hi ladies.

    A few of you know me from my previous posts about a multitude of recent emotional episodes. Things have gotten better, there's been some time now for me to heal. Now, almost two years of moving back in with my parents after a nasty breakup from my LT boyfriend, I am moving out to live by myself in a new place.

    I've been super excited about this moment, moving back in with my parents has been less than ideal. However, I've got a bad experience in my past from the last time I lived alone (back in 2005) that I didn't realize still haunts me a little. I've always been a people person and enjoyed being with family a lot, but lately as the time grows closer to me moving out, I"m feeling a bit scared.

    Can anyone offer some comforting advice as how to make this transition less about fear, and more about excitement?

    Thanks !

  • 2005 is almost 10 years ago so bare that in mind, also what ever happened, happened like everything in life doesn't mean it will happen again.

    Shop for things to go into your new home and definitely include candles and a celebration drink, think of yourself walking around naked, a candle lit bath, music on when you want, reading a book in bed with the door open, all the things you can NOW do

    Don't isolate yourself in the home if you are used to people being around, ensure that you invite friends over for a movie night and get to know what is around near where you live that you may be able to join and make new friends.

    Now the Mum in me says, don't invite any of those people ever to your home until you 100% know them


    • You're so sweet. That what I need to hear. I've put a lot of homey touches on it, my supervisor gave me a week off to get it straight so I'm ending that week now with it nearly together. It's a perfect size, and I'm connected pretty much to another house (it's like an in-law suite type of housing with the landlords right next door). The people who are renting it to me are sweet as can be which helps. It's a bit isolated but my friends are talking with me about coming to see it. I don't know if you remember me talking a few months ago about my heartache with one of my closest girlfriends but things have been getting back on track with her, I think we've been able to move forward. It's been hard! I'm looking to her now as one of my main support systems, I'm certainly missed her. Thanks again <3


      • Just remember that it is yours to do with as you please. You can keep it as tidy or as messy as you want. You can pick purple flowers with icky green wallpaper should you want. It's your space to do with as you please. Go ahead and splurge on that one item that will make you really happy as soon as you enter the door and see it. Make it your own and fill it with only pleasant memories.
        That which we forget may as well never really happened.


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