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ocd? panic attacks

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    ocd? panic attacks

    Hi this is my first time posting. I'm only 16. So about a month ago I was on the phone with this guy Im clearly too attached too. He told me about this girl hes been seeing. This basically caught me off guard and I was very upset. This was late at night around 4a.m. I was very upset but that was it... after I got off the phone I had a panic attack and all sorts of horrible thoughts. These thoughts are so crazy to me such as harming friends or family. I even started questioning God. I freaked out even more, but the thoughts have been with me for about a month. I've told my father and about the amount of stress and worry they bring me. Ive already made an apt. With a mental heath doctor. But to be clear I don't want these thoughts. Does anybody know what the heck is going on? I'm SO anxious 24/7 now.. i feel sometimes as if i dont have control. this is so unlike me. Before all of this I was happy and didn't have such morbid thoughts. Could I have an anxiety disorder or a chemical imbalance? Please help. I panic over being psycho and I hate it.

    Hi Amanda, welcome to WH.

    Until you have some routine tests honestly, no one can answer you other than a professional. But, I'm glad that your Father listened and made an appointment.

    Disappointments in life naturally create havoc in our thinking patterns. And each disappointment can make you feel worse, there is only so much anyone can take..

    I was wondering though, you stated "before" do you mean before this boy you had been talking to, you were "ok" still suffered anxiety but not with morbid thoughts?

    I would also suggest that you see a Counsellor, is your Mother still in the picture? I think perhaps you have past things in your life that you are hurt by that you need to talk out with someone outside the family.

    We all have sweet and it's "ok" to see someone to sort it all out in your mind so you can move on being happy in life.

    Good luck with the tests and discussions and please come back and let us know how you go.


      Hello again!And yes I was okay before this guy said that, I had anxiety but after this it got out of control. And my mom isn't in the picture. She left when I was young.


        At 16, the guy you talk too means everything.. Gawd, I remember so well It's like your first crush.

        But, 4am in the morning talking to a 16 year old? IDK.. I think maybe he's older than you? And realised that he can't have a relationship with you, you're too young.

        I'm sorry that your Mother left. Do you have a female "aunty" or "grandmother" that you are close with that you can discuss women's things with?

        I think abandonment any thought of it, is what triggered this with you as you more than likely have a huge crush on this guy and then, he let you down.

        You're young There will be many situations there for you along the way where you meet a guy and things he's awesome. Just breathe, deep breaths and instead of being upset, be glad that they were honest and turn them in to a "friend"... It's a big world out their hun.

        Now also like a Mom, you have a whole life ahead of you as well how exciting, to be able to become who ever you want to be in life, so don't not let that happen.

        Sorry I've been away for a bit and wasn't able to respond until now.



          I've been diagnosed with a number of conditions, PTSD from witnessing someone die of a heart attack, OCD, and panic disorder, related to the ptsd.

          I've also got some heart symptoms that are likely to be real (ie not psychological), I've been told that by a doctor, but also hopefully (usually in the case of my symptoms) benign. I get skipped heartbeats and I've had a run of tachycardia (fast heart rate) a few times.

          The other night I freaked. Completely. I'd had a long day, very long, been travelling for work, got home late, hadn't eaten much, etc, then I ate and within minutes I suddenly felt my heart do something weird. Sort of like 3 - 4 fast, forceful beats and then it settled into a very fast rate.

          I responded by grabbing my beta blockers (which I'm on but they would like to wean me off), taking two, dialling 999, panicking down the phone to the responder, leaving my house and standing out in the street so that if I collapsed, someone would see me and get help.

          The crux of the fear is that usually skipped beats are harmless, but sometimes, if there is a problem with the heart, they are a flag saying that something is wrong. This is unlikely, but it's there....So when my heart began to race, my brain went straight into 'there's something wrong with my heart, and it's going to give out now,' mode. Unfortunately I've seen it happen.

          And the difficulty for me was that the ambulance responder, due to stretched resources, did not see the same thing. The ambulance came 3 hours later. Had there been something terrible going on they would have arrived too late. The questions they asked at the time caused even more stress, I know they had to ask them but it was going on and on and I was in a panic. In the end i had to tell the woman that I had to get off the phone as all this talking was making everything worse. I remember the days when people called for an ambulance and within 7 mins one arrived, no questions asked. Time was of the essence back then but now they haven't the resources, I guess the population must have doubled or tripled or something.

          Please don't get me wrong, I have only ever called an ambulance a few times in my life, 3 times when I worked in a first aid post and each time it was needed, once for the person who passed away, and then the other night, for me.....I truly thought I was in danger.

          Now I'm trying to move forward, but I think my ocd might have kicked in? Interested in your thoughts on that....basically no doctor will reassure me (and ocd likes reassurance), they've said they'd like to see these heart episodes on a monitor. A cardiologist has told me that there's nothing in my history to suggest the skips are anything to worry about, but that's it. He's agreed to me having an echocardiogram to be sure, as it checks the structure of the heart. I have to wait for that now.

          I'm finding it hard to focus on anything else because in my mind it's black and white, it's either there's a problem or there's not and if there is then it's serious, and if it's serious it means sudden death.

          And even writing that has upset me. There's a lot of evidence to suggest the symptoms are benign, but my mind hasn't got definitive evidence and so it's struggling to function with anything else, work or other things.

          Sorry for the ramble but I'm struggling to concentrate on anything at the moment. I appreciate those who've been able to read all this and any comments. Thanks


            Originally posted by Loric2014 View Post
            He's agreed to me having an echocardiogram to be sure, as it checks the structure of the heart.
            Hi lori

            when your heart is racing or skipping beats that IS a very scary thing!

            I hope you are able to find out if anything is wrong when you have the echo