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Is it stress or....

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  • Is it stress or....

    Am I just really stressed or is my AD not strong enough anymore?!!
    I've been dealing with that down feeling again for quite a while. I'm on an AD but here lately I'm feeling like its just not doing anything for me anymore. I have very little motivation, just like before starting the med...I do have some major changes that are getting ready to take place on the job, so I'm not sure if this is stress or the depression building again.

  • maybe you need to tweak your dosage, or get a new medicine? talk with your doc. i have been through the ringer with different meds and trying to get the right combo/dose.

    first, lets try and cope with the stress around you. is it managable? what coping skills do you use already? be strong, you'll get through this. a lot of times stress will trigger depression, but it'll get better.

    if not, talk about new medicine or a new dose with your doc.

    good luck, i know how you feel and it'll get better
    Miss Kitty


    • The stress I'm dealing with at the moment is job related and out of my hands for a while. I am hoping for things to maybe begin to calm down in another month...but not counting on it.
      I am 50 and been on a stressful job for 21 yrs. Normally I am able to deal pretty well and used to thrive from some stress. These days it gets harder, and I guess I'm getting tired of handling it. I've been on Prozac for a year now, 20mg...but have been noticing over the past 3 months a downward fluxuation toward the depression again. Over all I am fighting how I feel, but it makes me tired body aches as it did before taking the AD.
      There have been times that I've wanted to try to go off the AD to see if I can maintain on my own. But then I begin to slide to where I am now and am afraid to try. I will be scheduling a check up in a few weeks and will discuss all of this with my doc then.
      I guess my main reason for posting here was to see if what I am going through is somewhat on the norm side with dealing with depression problems. I do believe some of it is from that time of life and changing, but from what I've picked up on from my parents, it may be in the bloodline some...of which I never knew.
      Also, thanks for just listening or reading...this does help to try to keep my perspective as much as I can without drowning in what I'm feeling.


      • i would have to say that struggling with depression is always going to fluctuate down and up. some days are better than others for those of us with mental health issues and for everyone who doesn't. its all very "normal"

        try and de-stress, i'm sure you have things you like to do to take your mind off of things....and talk with your doctor. sometimes AD wear off at the dosage you've been taking and you just need a little adjustment. please don't go off your meds without talking to your doctor about it. i've thought about doing it so many times and haven't b/c you never know what will happen.

        keep writing, and let me know how you are doing.
        Miss Kitty


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