I am worried sick about my Mom

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I am worried sick about my Mom

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  • I am worried sick about my Mom

    So my Mom is mentally ill. She has schizophrenia and dementia and is recovering from cancer. She keeps digging into her skin creating sores which I've already had to go through Dr. appointments after Dr. appointments because she caught a staph infection. It is now getting progressively worse and to the point where she will use things such as nail files to dig into her skin causing open sores and bleeding. This also seems to be a generational thing because her Mother did it, she is doing it, and I also do it but not to the extent of my Mother. I keeping thinking it's an OCD thing but I'm not a professional.

    She's been to the psychiatrist and they have prescribed hydroxyzine which is certainly not doing anything.

    Has anyone ever been through this or have any advice to give? I would certainly appreciate it. Thanks in advance <3
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    "Don't take life too seriously....nobody gets out alive anyway!"

  • AW jpsgirl, I feel for you, that must be incredibly tough on you both. It does sound like it could be a compulsive behaviour, so it might be treatable with antidepressants if they don't interact with any other meds she takes.
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    • Thank you both for the replies. It is extremely difficult and she is on so many other anti psychotics that I'm scared they will just blow her off if I mention this yet again to her Dr. I have only mentioned it to her primary care so maybe I need to go with her to a psychiatric appointment with her.

      Last time I saw her, her face was bloody from picking. Breaks my heart.... </3
      "Don't take life too seriously....nobody gets out alive anyway!"


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