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Eating Disorder

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  • Eating Disorder

    Has anyone else dealt with an eating disorder? How did you overcome it? I was anorexic for several years.. then I was fine for 1-2 years.. then binge ate... then bullemia... I feel like it's never going to end. Therapy is too expensive, and I've done it in the past.. didn't feel like it helped at all. I do have anxiety/depression, but I am already on medication for that. I have a loving family, good friends, a great boyfriend... but I feel completely alone sometimes because of this. Any advice?

  • I'm sorry to hear you're going through this. There are lots of eating disorder groups on social media (especially instagram). Have you ever tried making any connections with those types of groups? I don't personally have experience in this realm but I know you're not alone in it.
    "Be what you're looking for."


    • Hi Pikachoo.... I know how awful having an ED can be....
      I was diagnosed anorexic/bulimic and suffered chronically for many years.
      There is no magic cure unfortunately but admitting you have a problem is the beginning.
      I started by talking about why I started in the first instance, trying to resolve this issue was key.
      Although I know I will never be cured, I am in recovery... i take each day/meal as it comes, (i never binge eat anyway)... i eat what i can and then busy myself to remove any temptations of purging. I have those who love me but don't judge for support... this is vital! Utilise those around you.
      I may still have periods when I fail but I never, ever give up. I have learnt to control this side of me to a certain degree, enough to allow me to function in an almost normal life (what ever normal is) and I now never allow it to totally control me anymore.
      I eat to live.
      You can beat this if you really want to and the sooner you do, the fewer health issue's you'll be left with ie: heart problems, infertility etc.
      Good Luck!


      • You're definitely not alone, pikachoo. Eating disorders are so common now, you'll find the wilderness pretty crowded. It feels like you're alone but you're not. Definitely explore social media for finding people who have been through the same and can support you. You could also attend an eating disorder clinic, but my guess is your doctor would have to refer you or even a psychiatrist. Do get diagnosed and the help will be there. Telling your doctor your symptoms is scary but you've got every chance of recovery, although I don't think a complete cure is easy or comes overnight. Still, you can learn to manage the symptoms and learn about food and nutrition. I do hope I've helped and do approach your doctor. You can live a normal life.


        • Thank you so much for your response-- I really appreciate it. I will explore social media and try to find a network of people that can help me get through it. And good job to you for recovering and fighting against yours!


          • BED(Binge eating disorder) is most common disorder nowadays. You can make a list of activities you can enjoy instead of eating.You can add your hobbies in this list for additional time.


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