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  • depression

    what is depression? lots of people are suffering due to stress, depression, mental problem. But they are hiding that to survive along with people. so we need to know that how depression feells like.
    Last edited by princejenish; 10-04-2017, 03:49 AM.

  • depression is a feeling of hopelessness

    if one of my loved ones was killed in the latest mass shooting, I could see myself easily falling into depression
    I don't know anyone who died
    however, just reading about the moms, dads, engaged, soon to be grandmother of 5, the husbands who shielded their wives, people there to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, seeing the pics of families who are now forever broken, good decent people now gone
    crying a lot over this latest senseless act


    • Depression is seeing no light at the end of the tunnel. It is having no hope and feeling there is no love in the world. It is being isolated and in emotional pain. It is a darkened room and it is cold and empty. Those are the emotions - or lack of emotions - of depression.


      • It is common to get sad ,unhappy or depressed from time to time but challenge comes when you live in that place all the time. Depression is an emotional state of our lives.


        • I have watched some interviews with Chester Bennington and he gives some pretty descriptive terms for depression. He's one of the singers that lost his battle with depression/mental illness last year.

          Having gone a round or two with depression in my life, I've described it as a black cloud or curtain surrounding me, raining darkness only on me. I can see the sunshine just at my fingertips, and so many beautiful things, but wherever I go, the cloud moves with me, the darkness stays over me. No matter how I try to move out from under it, it just lingers.
          It's a hindrance to happiness.

          I have never spoken publicly about my struggle, and most close friends don't know. But I believe it is time we pull this disease out of the shadows.
          So many suffer through it in silence and don't seek help due to the stigma. We need to end that.

          Thankfully, I have been able to reach a point in my life that it doesn't dominate, even when it's bad, like now. My depression has rarely caused me to want to self harm, but I understand how for others, that would be seen as an acceptable option for relief on a daily basis.

          I have been off meds for a long time now, and I'm proud of that. We can learn to manage the ways it influences us, and challenge ourselves. A certain amount of it is changing our choices and finding the help we need to learn those skills.


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