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Toilet Anxiety

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  • Toilet Anxiety

    Hello.. just wanted to ask if any od you have the same problem as me ? .. I think iv been suffering from anxiety for nearly 2 years now ... basically thw only problem I have is a bit embarrassing but its buggimg me ... toilet is my worst anxiety.. When Im about to go to public places I start to get anxious about " what of i need a toilet or get dihorea when Im out" and suddenly my stomach starts hurting and I need to go for number 2 .. work is the worst .. always stress out because of the toilet as i work on the line i cant go toilet whenever i need to but have to wait for someone to take me off ... I also recently found out that i have alopecia areata and I have a feeling its because of my stressing about the toilet .. just wanted to know if there is anyone here that have similar problem i could talk to .. thank you.

  • welcome to WH

    have an extended family member who has the same feelings
    they will not go anywhere where there is no immediate access to a toilet such as a park
    they skip a lot of family outings and things like graduations (where a restroom might be far)


    • I don't have this anxiety, tho I have been a little particular about where I go.

      Have you spoken to a counselor about this?
      Do you have bowel or urinary issues that intensify these fears? Was there an incident that caused this to escalate to this level?

      I know it's a lot of questions, but the background will help me form a better answer.


      • I spoke to doctor about this so he solution eas to give me antidepressants but i dont have depression its something i can controll but still bothers me and my life ... Iv been diagnosed with IBS but its severe ..and yes I had an accident about 3 years ago? ... where basically I needed it so bad I had to go and do it in the bushes while I was waiting for a bus and I think some time after that my anxiety must of started .. but how do i stop it because some days im fine when im off from work but sometimes I do get anxious about it when Im in public places .. when Im off from worl then like if i know i can go any time i want im ok but work is the worst because i need to wait to go cant just walk off and go thats the biggest problem ..


        • Sorry i meant to say my IBS is not severe


          • I think that a lot of people, if not most, have some degree of anxiety in the same areas that people who have a "problem" do. The difference is how extreme it is.

            I have a high fiber, high fluid diet. Oftentimes, when I get the urge to go it's an immediate need. I've had accidents and near accidents. I've had to go behind a tree, a garbage can, or the back of a building. That's life, though. All of us are flesh and blood. Every single person urinates and has bowel movements. And none of us can remain in complete control of all of our bodily functions indefinitely. In an ideal world, we keep waste issues private. But life is often not ideal.
            "Those sowing seed with tears
            Will reap with a joyful shout." - Psalm 126


            • You are right yeah ... its just hard sometimes..but Im trying to deal with it and carry on smiling .. i alway try to tell my self.."its only stress and anxiety if i stop thinking about it i wont need a toilet" sometimes it works but sometimes my thoughts are stronger than me


              • Have you made management aware (your supervisor at work) that you have this issue and may need to step away quickly?

                I agree with Stillness but, also, your fears are not unreasonable. I want to comfort you in that. I don't think you need medication to manage this.

                What happened after the accident awhile back? It was an embarrassing situation and probably left you in a little bit of a delicate position I suppose, right? But, you're OK. You managed it and other than an unpleasant memory, you're fine.
                The thing to remember is that you can handle it if it happens again. You are strong and you can get through it just like before. Embarrassing as it may be, you will do your best and get through it.

                As difficult as it may be, another approach is to use your sense of humor to keep your perspective. It isn't funny, but it can be a way to help your mindset toward any future accidents.

                Truth is that it could happen to anyone. Your chances are perhaps a bit higher. Your perspective on this isn't unreasonable or uncommon, just need to remove that unhealthy anxiety from your life.
                You'll be fine. Carry some pocket sized tissue at all times if that makes you feel more secure, that you can at least clean up a little bit once you have finished.

                Hugs darlin. You got this.


                • Thank you so much for the support it really helps


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