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What therapies do you use?

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  • What therapies do you use?

    Hi everyone.
    I had a break down a fair while ago (2009) and fro. That I have severe depression and anxieties issue.
    Also major negative thoughthoughts patterns.
    I have tried a lot of therapy types and see a psychologist regularly.
    I'm curious what othershe find helps them.
    I've also noticed it depends where in my cycles as to what is most effective, while I'm always on medication so that I function normally, I have found grounding and mindfulness great most of the time as well as CBT for the negative thoughts.
    I had tried thought journalist for negative thoughts but it made me focus more on the thoughts and get stuck in my head at times.
    Back in 2013 I did a counselling diploma and found it great for looking at type of therapies and psychological theories.

    Anyway I'm very curious as to what everyone does/finds helps them.

    Please only legal and safe methods.

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    • I have had counselling, which was very helpful. Mental health treatment is very important, so looking after one's health is crucial. MIND is a good mental health charity and a lot of people have had their help and support. There are a lot of people in the world who have mental health problems and being with people who are the same really helps. Psychiatric treatment does work on the whole, too. CBT is an excellent form of therapy, as well. Anyhow, counselling worked for me.


      • had to look it up to see what CBT was but that sounds interesting
        wonder if that would help my worsening fear of highway driving
        since got hit on the hwy, I had a small fear but now that we have a kid in the backseat, I do anything to avoid hwy


        • I believe CBT is good for PTSD


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