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    Hello Everybody, I'm new to the forum. Does anyone experience bad insomnia and how long?? When did the insomnia begin?? Have there been ways that you lessened it? I'm a college student and had insomnia for a little over 7 months. I would do 1-3 hours worth of sleep per night or no sleep. It is in a way on and off. There would be a week or a week and a half where I would sleep fine and then it would be back to no sleep or very little sleep for the most part. When I don't get any sleep I would have body aches in certain areas in my body and there were times where I would feel stressed due to lack of sleep or no sleep. I think the reason why my insomnia began was because of stress.

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    I've fought insomnia for over 25 yrs.

    If you can manage the stress better, learn to do it now. It seems like those of us prone to insomnia only worsen over time. Get a method in place sooner and save yourself a possible life of struggle with it.

    Learn to meditate or clear your mind in whatever way works for you.

    If you already notice the physical effect of not getting enough rest, (body aches) you probably should be fairly aggressive in your work to get adequate sleep. Long term, it can cause health issues to be sleep deprived.

    We sort of take sleep for granted I think. It is as necessary as food and water for good health.
    Take care of yourself!


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      You are just a student and this situation is not a good sign for your health. To get rid of insomnia, you should do some self-treatment and need to consult a doctor too.
      First of all you should do some exercise or play outdoor games. Make yourself busy in daily life that makes you tired and you will get proper sleep at time. listen soothing music. Use your bed only for sleep. Create a dark environment for sleep because darkness is necessary to sleep. Eat some healthy food and avoid all junk food. Read some books and try concentrate in your work.


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        I'm sorry to hear that, Babybird10. I agree with Curtis Cross. Those are steps you could take to deal with insomnia. I also think it is a paradox: you need to sleep, so you think you must fall asleep. But the more you want to fall asleep the less tired you are. I think the key is to not say to yourself "I must fall asleep". The less you worry about going to sleep, the easier it is to actually fall asleep. This seems odd advice, but it is true.

        Also, have you tried sleeping pills? They could help.

        Good luck.


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          I used to experience insomnia when I was a student too. I think it was connected with a big amount of new information we get every day in university and at night our brain starts to proceed it. I like the advice of Curtis Cross about spending more time outdoor. I have assured myself of it. It really helps to fall asleep easier. Among other sleeping tips is to listen to relaxing music, to have a warm bath or a shower and to open the window in the room before going to sleep.