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Is anyone asocial?

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  • Is anyone asocial?

    I'm pretty much asocial irl, too afraid to be judged to make friends or open up to anyone. I seriously am suspecting everyone to want to hurt me, which it's what's they've ended up doing. I hate social situations and have 0 people's skills. I have something called "social ineptitude", preferring to mind my own business, live in my own world. Does anyone else have that?

  • I can be like that, but I still socialize a lot and am trying to be more brave. I remember everybody's name and always say hello and make small talk. I would certainly love to be more social, but that isn't me. I just love sitting alone and working. But I don't isolate myself. I can often live in my own world, but that world gets too small sometimes. I am changing into a more confident person as the years pass, but every so often I hit a glitch, which is hard. Still, I try my best. I think their best is all anyone can do. But you're definitely not alone, Naiwen. It is the way you're built.


    • Originally posted by Naiwen View Post
      too afraid to be judged to make friends or open up to anyone. I hate social situations and have 0 people's skills.
      when younger, especially high school, I was also afraid of being judged
      hardly spoke then except for one on one situations but in groups, kept quiet for fear of saying something wrong
      as you get older you realize it is more imp. to be yourself and if someone's judges you or doesn't like you, SO WHAT

      since am an introvert, do still dislike certain social situations such as going to something at husband's work
      something coming up and am already a little nervous as don't want to embarass husband by saying something "goofy" in front of his co-workers
      I have a different sense of humor so what I think is funny, isn't to most people
      will know when saying something wrong as will get the disapproving look from husband lol

      hope you can learn to loosen up a little Naiwen and be yourself


      • I know anxiety, but these days I just suck it up. I will always be this way and don't force myself to be someone I'm not. I have every right to be here and no one else is prettier or nicer: I can be someone's equal. I don't place others above me. OK, so I am only human but I don't apologize for being here and don't put others above me. I am not useless or less intelligent or less attractive. I have fairly high self esteem and get up when knocked down. I am 37 years old and find I like looking after myself. It is about being nice to myself, too. Because if I'm nice to myself, others will be nice to me and then I have nothing to fear. That's how I see it.


        • I agree with Kristen Swan: never show your fear to anyone. This is deep, but worth considering [especially in my life!].


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