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The general Body Image Disorders Thread!

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  • The general Body Image Disorders Thread!

    In this discussion, I'd like first to elaborate on my own body image disorder : I find myself ugly, it's haunting me every waking moments, even in my dreams at night. A pimple can make me feel so ugly sometimes, so low, that I'd just feel horrible about myself in general, no motivation or will to do anything. Just wanting the pimple to go away ASAP, coupled with OCD, so I'm fixated on my body's faults, always criticizing it. It had once smashed my small portable mirror, because I had loathed how I had looked in it. So yeah. Am obsessed with my own looks, but not anyone else's. I could care less about others' looks, but myself, I'd like to find myself pretty and beautiful despite my pimples and all that. I'm seeking professional treatments for this, but it's a long healing process so I'm far from where I want to be. I wish so much to be free from my horrible disorder. It's akin to psychological torture.

  • What is perfection, to you Naiwen ?

    I'm sorry you deal with this. To some extent (though not as severe as what you're describing) we all fixate on our perceived flaws. Notice in selfies on social media how you often see a person's forehead all scrunched up (like they are making a surprised face with their eyes)? They do that because they think their forehead looks too big in the picture so they strive to make it appear smaller. To me, it makes their forehead look like a wrinkled up mess....but to them it is better than the alternative of showing their TRUE self.

    Have you noticed the "Instagram Big Butt Pose"? Google it. There is a true big butt pose girls are doing in pictures to make their hineys appear much bigger than they really are. Why? Because they don't feel good about their butt the way it actually is.

    I went through this period of feeling incredibly inadequate after getting more involved in social media (especially instagram, which is my favorite platform) because all these people made themselves appear so perfect and then I'd look at myself and think "wow....I have SO MANY flaws!". Thank goodness for the makeup free / natural movement that went around eventually where women started candidly showing their TRUE selves.

    I'm glad you're seeking some professional treatments for this. No one deserves to be tortured like that.
    How re the treatments going?
    "Be what you're looking for."


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