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Help. Bad dreams.

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  • Help. Bad dreams.

    Hey. Help me cope with the problem. My dreams kill me, they are so bright, and they seem to get worse. And they are never happy, but always scary. I know that bright dreams are a common sign, but it's ridiculous ....
    Last night, for example, I THOUGHT that I woke up and lay in bed, I got up to go to the bathroom, and there was a huge clot and bright red blood, then I could not wake up with hubby to take me to the hospital (in fact he sleeps super hard ....) Then it was that I woke up to get scared, went I went to the bathroom, everything was fine, but I was shaking and frightened. I woke up several more times, thinking that it was blood. I had many dreams similar to this, but it was the worst, I really thought that I woke up, for example, I woke up in a dream - a dream in a dream ... FREAKY!
    There were others, about preterm infants, babies unable to snap, and one dream where we were in running for something, and I just gave birth and could not bear both children, and I had to leave my daughter. I woke up, crying ...
    In another dream, my husband took a second job and dealt with a beautiful young girl at this job, because we did not have enough sex. Because of this, I woke up and cried all day. It was terrible.
    Every night - another bright and terrible dream. I do not know what to do, and waking up does not help, either I will return in a dream, or I'll take another one. I do not always remember dreams, but I remember how I was frightened, and I wake up too often, crying or whimpering. It does not reassure. In the morning, I feel exhausted and exhausted, and this really affects my mood.
    Do other mothers have such bad dreams? Is there anything that can be done?

  • I have nightmares every night myself. I often dream of being faced with a T-Rex: it's terrifying. I dream many other nightmares. I do think your dreams are trying to tell you something: your subconscious is sorting itself out while you sleep. There must be great stress in your life and you have to face your fears. Once you realise your brain is trying to sort itself out, you'll be able to interpret these dreams and you can deal with them in your daily life. Yes: your dreams are scary, but there is a reason for this being so. I'd make a note of whast you've dreamt when you wake and look at their meanings. You're not alone in having nightmares, however: they haunt everyone.


    • You're not alone in this. I have always been a very vivid dreamer, but when I was younger my dreams were often pleasant. Now....they are always stressful and often devastating. I've researched to try and figure out why....see if I can do anything about them, etc.

      I discovered something interesting: my dream patterns are sometimes (not always) tied to my menstrual cycle. For example, after I ovulate my progesterone levels go up until time for my period to start. During this time, I experience unrestful sleep and often have crazy, stressful dreams. Looking over an entire month, pay attention to when this happens most for you. If you are on hormonal birth control that contains progesterone, you may experience this consistently throughout each month.

      Another thought: This is something I have actually tried and I think it helps. When you close your eyes to sleep at night, force your mind into listing all the things you're thankful for. Let none of it be fear based. If your mind starts to wander, stop and redirect. For example, if you're thinking "I'm so thankful for my kids." and then your mind starts to wander to "I don't know what I'd do if something happened to them........omg.....I couldn't survive that....etc" then stop....tell your mind NO and redirect on to the next thing you're super thankful for. If you're the worry wart type like me, you are CONSTANTLY worried something bad will happen even when you're not aware you're worrying. That can wreak havoc on the subconscious, so learn to redirect your mind at night in the moments before you drift off to sleep.

      Some common dreams for me: I forget something incredibly important. Sometimes it's that I'm back in college about to end a semester and realize that I have forgotten about a class all semester. Or that I simply cannot find the class and am running around campus frantically and no one can help me. Sometimes it's a baby. I dream that I've had a baby, and I leave the baby somewhere ridiculous (like on a shelf at the grocery store) and don't remember him/her until many hours or even days later. Sometimes the dreams are half asleep, half awake. I have dreamed before that it snowed and my work closed, so I actually woke up and turned off my alarm thinking "I don't have to get up in the morning!". Another time, I dreamed I had been trapped in my crawlspace (a weird fear of mine...lol) and I got up (in real life, not dream world) and was trying to get out. When I woke fully up, I was standing at my bedroom window peeking through the light in the blinds and was about to try to get out in pure panic. My dog was laying there in bed looking at me like "WTF???".

      "Be what you're looking for."


      • It's amazing the content of dreams, isn't it Beautiful Disaster? I have the strangest dreams myself, but they're often hazy and confused. Yet in my daily life I am clear headed and see in technicolour. It is almost like my mind is trying to block these images. And I have awful, gruesome dreams: there was a young lady in a bath with a razor saying "I should like my skin": you can guess what happened. I woke up near screaming and feeling incredibly sick. IT WAS AWFUL. I feel sick just writing it.

        But dreams do tell us a lot about our subsconscious. I have dark thoughts, and I suppose my mind is reminding me of that fact. But I'd never view those images in real life. I could write for pages about my dreams and nightmares, but there is always a story behind such dreams.


        • Hi Nikol,

          Could your dreams represent real fears?

          How is your marriage? Are you both happy with the sex you're having? Good sex doesn't make a happy marriage, but bad or no sex makes an unhappy one.

          If your marriage is troubled, is your husband vindictive? If your marriage ended would he make your life hard or try to take your daughter?

          Is your daughter healthy?

          Have miscarriages been a problem for you?

          If these are anxieties in waking life, you'll see them represented in dreams. If they are, unfortunately, to alter the dreams you need to address the realities.

          For now, Beautiful suggested gratitude before sleep. That's a good idea. I would add to this strength and love. In what ways are you strong? Who loves you unconditionally? Ponder those as you fall asleep as well.

          Give all your love now. For all we know we might be dead by tomorrow.


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