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Accepting Who You Are

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  • Accepting Who You Are

    I am coming to accept who I am as a person. I will always be quiet and reserved: that is who I am. And I can't change it. I will always be emotional and soft. This makes me sensitive, understanding and kind. I was never the hard girl who sneered and yelled her opinions across the room: and never will be. I am also an artist. I am not some military officer who is strict and rigid.

    I think turning flaws into advantages is the key to self acceptance. For example: loud can be confident and brave. Being quiet and soft can mean being kind and thoughtful.

    What do YOU love about yourself? And are you self accepting?

  • Great post!

    I am an INTJ.

    I, too, am an artist with a need for creative release.

    My intuition is incredibly strong and sometimes I know what people are thinking before they even do. I have created many great relationships with people as a result of this. I pay very close attention.

    I am very shy, but can come out of my shell when I need to.

    I am learning to show my emotions. This has always been difficult for me (it's an INTJ thing!).

    I am always seeking to improve (I guess this is both a good and a bad thing.)

    "Be what you're looking for."


    • I too, often take the backseat especially in group situation where I don't know the others. I do, however, have a great friend that is the life of the party all times. She makes friends easier, can say outrageous things at inappropriate time and gets away with it. If I said the same things it would sound awkward or vulgar. I've learned to just be me and be okay in my own skin. I have my own good attributes and qualities that people like, so here I am, take me or leave me I'm fine.
      That which we forget may as well never really happened.


      • Great post....I'm gonna have to come back to comment further, but your comment about turning flaws into advantage? What did you consider to be a flaw with your personality?


        • My flaw is that I am soft. Not in a foolish way, but I tend to go with the crowd and never put up a fight. The positive side to this is that I am agreeable and able to get along with everybody. But I know louder, harder people do look down a little. They assume quiet = a fool. I love proving them wrong! LOL. Anyhow, I was called "soft as sh**t" by an old friend many years ago. She meant it nicely [I hope]. I will never be hard and aggressive. I suppose part of me wants to be like that, but it'll never happen. It just infuriates me that people assume I am gullible. Believe me: I'm not.

          So that's my life story!


          • P&C, I'm a fairly quiet person too. Not shy. People mistake that for many things, and misunderstand it all the time. I'm ok with that. I choose to scope out a situation, size up people before I speak on something. I have found strength in that, not weakness. I choose carefully who I get to know and whom I allow to get to know me. May sound snobby, but some people are just not worth the investment...you may become the same as you get older. It's very similar to what BD was saying about emotional control...

            I think the buzz word for me is an introverted extrovert. I absolutely need my social time, but I also need my personal time. It's a tandem bicycle, which can easily get out of balance.

            I really love the person I am, and I'm becoming an even better version of myself all the time.

            I've learned a lot about myself over the past several months especially. I'm strongly intuitive, like BD, and I have realized just how much in the past 6 months. I always knew that, but the intensity has really opened my eyes.

            I also have a creative side that I've not been feeding for too long. I realized that recently. I need to get back to some creative outlet.



            • I like to step out of my comfort zone, too: although I won't be someone I'm not.

              It can be hard when pressured by other people to be someone I am not, but I know this is me: I am soft and emotive. And the great thing is I'm not alone: as all your comments have shown. There are so many shy, quiet people in the world and they have offered so much. I do also think a lot of people confuse confidence with who shouts the loudest: actually it is quiet people who are the most confident ones: and many will agree with me. People who believe they're important deep down don't need to yell across a room with their opinion or try to prove their strength. Self belief comes from within: not from being loud. Although there are truly confident loud people in the world: but they should never mistake quiet ones for being fools. They are not.


              • Very, very true.


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