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We Just Want To Get Pregnant

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  • We Just Want To Get Pregnant

    My husband and I always wanted a large family of our own. Both of us came from big families. It has always been to me that the easiest part is getting pregnant. My mother had become pregnant with me when my older sister was nine weeks old. I could never imagine myself not being a mother. I am still a few years shy of 30 and is still in my prime of childbearing years.

    We started trying to become pregnant after our wedding. I was sure I would become pregnant on our honeymoon. When our honeymoon was over, we went back home. My period was late. I dutifully waited until the day to take a test, just as my doctor told me. I was shocked when it was negative. I started bleeding the next day. I cried with disappointment.
    Two months later, and still not pregnant, I bought an ovulation predictor kit. The kit showed that my hormone levels were rising on the correct day every month, and my cervical mucus showed ovulation. Why wasnít I becoming pregnant?

    After nine months, I saw my family doctor, and I am quite sure there must be something wrong with me. She tested my thyroid and it was normal. By this time, I was worried. I started searching websites for women trying to conceive and reading blogs about infertility. I learned that it is recommended that if a woman under 35 isnít pregnant after 12 months, an infertility workup should be done.

    I started anticipating the worst, although my husband tried to reassure me that it would all be fine, I did not feel fine, though. I felt sad and cried frequently.

    Help us, please.

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    Have you ever tried charting your cycles? Maybe you know this already, but there are 3-5 days a month you are considered highly fertile. Many women think it's just that one day, but it's not. Charting using the FAM method (Taking Charge of Your Fertility by Toni Weschler is my go to book for learning this method) can help you to know exactly when you are most fertile by learning to read your body signs in addition to your basal body temperature. And it doesn't cost anything but a basal body thermometer. I recommend that ANY women having fertility issues use this method for at least 6 months before considering fertility treatments. If you chart for 6 months, you can take your charts to your doctor so they can see exactly what's happening every month.

    Also, it takes two of course. How do you know that his sperm count and motility are what it needs to be? Get him tested before you start driving yourself crazy thinking something is wrong with you.
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      Thank you very much for the quick response. Yes, I already know about the charting method, but, maybe unconsciously, I just ignore it because of my family history on pregnancies. Now I will seriously use charting using the FAM method. Thanks for recommending to me a book.

      My husband and I have already talked about this, and he is very much willing to have some tests. I will be writing to you again after six months to tell you about the developments. I hope it would be positive.

      Again, thank you very much and regards.


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        Good. I hope you learn a lot from the book and it truly empowers you. Don't drive yourself bonkers until you have your situation figured out. Good luck!!!!
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          Hi, this seems good to me. age may not be the biggest determinant though cases of infertility are diagnosed within the first months of trying. maybe your body is not yet ready or your husband has a problem as well. you need to learn your body especially the ovulation cycle. the better you know your fertile days, the more likely you are to conceive. for instance, the menstrual cycle is a 28 day period with the fertile days falling within the 6 days of ovulation. if you ovulate at the 14 th day, then your most fertile days will be on the 12th and 13. you can still conceive on the 14th day but with reduced chances as the egg life deteriorates.