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Looking for a surrogate, any suggestions?

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  • Looking for a surrogate, any suggestions?

    Hi, Iím 27 and dh is 30, I had 3 miscarriages and each one broke me down. When we TTC I dreamt of having a big family but fate turns everything upside down. Then I decided to take fate into my own hands, and consulted my gynecologist and then was send over to a fertility specialist where I had IVF, but was not able to carry pregnancy for more than 3 months, my specialist said I have incompetent cervix, that is cannot carry pregnancy and that the only option could be surrogacy. We both were devastated and depressed. Stopped trying and had given up hope, my mom supported us and again we started with the treatment and now here Iím looking to find a surrogate to help fulfill my dream. But Iím not sure where to start with, what to look in and which clinics should I consult? I tried searching for surrogate mother but which I found were very expensive and I canít afford such expensive treatment. I live in UK and in the hope that you people will help me out have started this discussion. Basically I donít know anything about it. I am also scared to how the treatment will go, I really donít know what to do. Any suggestions would help or any clinics that offer cheaper treatment. I am on the lookout for a good clinic or good surrogate mother. Your suggestions are appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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    Hi, really sorry to hear about your losses. The decision to have a child is a huge rollercoaster of emotions that leads to happiness beyond comparison and choosing a surrogate mother is an almost equally large and emotional decision. Choosing another person to carry your child is not as simple as conducting an average job interview. This personís body will be harboring, protecting, and nourishing your baby until it makes its arrival into the world. First you need to be aware about the surrogacy laws in your country. Depending on where you live, there will be rules what you will be expected to pay and the kind of rights you have during the surrogateís pregnancy. Second is locating an ideal surrogate mother, you can contact surrogacy agency or ask your family member to be one. But itís best to go with an agency, they will not only help you find the surrogate but will also take care of all the legal and medical arrangements throughout the process and also collect fees that is passed between you and the surrogate. Talking about the cost, there are many clinics in Ukraine and Greece that offer affordable surrogacy. If you can travel there then you should search for clinics there and also they have a 100% success rate. When you sign a contract with these clinics, you will receive a complete service package including all local transport, hotel stay and meals. So, all in all itís best to choose the clinic in Ukraine. Hope this helps you.


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      Hi there, hope is the greatest thing to have when going through difficulties in life. And you are lucky enough that your family supports you in this. There are many people who have their children via surrogacy. This involves implanting an embryo into the womb of surrogate mother. The egg and sperm of IPs or donors are used and fertilized and then placed. For locating a surrogate mother there are number of different options, you can ask your family member or close friend to be one, but if you donít want to choose a family member there are many surrogate agencies where you can find them. As you said that you live in UK and the treatment cost is a bit expensive for you then you can consider Biotexcom-centre for human reproduction in Kiev, it is the best clinic as I too had my baby through surrogacy with them. The clinic is very affordable and has a database of surrogate mothers to choose from. The staff is very cooperative and polite and the managers who lead the program stay in touch with you from the beginning and till the end of the program. Biotexcom is surely a way to find happiness of parenthood, save your money and receive services and medical care of the high level. You can consider this clinic, just visit the website and you will surely find your happiness. All the best to you.


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        Hi there, surrogacy has gained a worldwide acclaim, but still there are some countries which do not recognize it, so you need to know the laws of surrogacy first. Do your research and find out which laws prevail in your country and then move forward. There are two types of surrogacy, one is traditional and the other is gestational. In the traditional one woman gets artificially inseminated with the fatherís sperm, she then carries and delivers the baby for you. She is the biological mother because her egg was fertilized by the fatherís sperm. In gestational surrogacy, IVF is used. The egg and sperm of the intended parents are used to artificially fertilize and then the embryo is placed into the uterus of gestational surrogate, she then carries and delivers the baby for you, but has no genetic ties to the baby. Gestational surrogate is called birth mother. The best option is to go for gestational surrogacy which you can easily locate via a surrogate agency and this is the best method to do so, because when you choose surrogate mother from an agency you are sure that you wonít have any difficulties in the future. Agencies have a database of surrogates and extensively screen to protect everyone in the surrogacy process. In addition to this agencies also offer education and support IPs and surrogate mothers need. Talking about the cost of surrogacy, there are various clinics in Ukraine that offer affordable treatment. So, just research and find the one that suits you individual needs. All the best to you.


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          Hi all, thank you for helping me out and providing so much information. Hey (Kamaldeep), I live in UK and the cost for surrogacy here is too much for me as my financial condition is not that good. Thank you all for sharing the clinic info and I searched for the clinic and found it to be amazing, the all-inclusive packages they offer are marvelous and are affordable. So, I talked about it with my husband and he also finds it good. As you know in the past we have visited many clinics and would consider this as well, but first we needed to be sure that would this offer us what we want and yes we found that I guess. And yes I have researched on the laws as well. Yesterday I called them up for information and to book an appointment and they asked me a lot of questions and asked me to email them the previous test reports and would shortly reply me back. So, just waiting for their call or email and hope that everything goes well. If yes then will be travelling to Ukraine once everything will be finalized. Thanks a lot everyone, really it helped me a lot. Will keep you all posted once I get there and how my treatment proceeds. Thanks a lot all of you.