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  • Hello (belatedly)

    Aussie male here 72 years of age. Live in Australia and enjoying all your company.

  • Ha! My thought was correct that you are not in the US.

    I'm glad you posted here, and decided to stick around awhile.


    • Originally posted by atskitty2 View Post
      Ha! My thought was correct that you are not in the US.

      I'm glad you posted here, and decided to stick around awhile.
      Thanks Kitty, for me this site is a revelation. Somewhere to discuss important subjects with predominantly like minded people. Many of the things I've discussed here I could never talk about with friends etc.


      • I'm glad we can provide the confidentiality you needed and hopefully help in some way.


        • Hello and welcome! You are a good age. You must have a lot of wisdom and will be able to guide us on the right path!


          • Hello


            • You're right, easygoing: there are many topics on here that can be discussed, where they cannot be discussed elsewhere. Friends and family are biased in that they know you and give you advice on what THEY think is right, rather than taking a view from a distance. I hope you know what I mean! Basically, people unemotionally involved can sometimes offer better advice than another involved in a situation. This is what therapists do. And that is why they are so good at their job. It seems cold, but actually it benefits the victim better than otherwise. Plus, there is the lack of prejudice and aggression [usually]. That's how I see it.


              • Hi All,
                New member and thought of saying Hi before posting on other threads. I am here to share some health tips, hope to see you around.
                Injectable Botox Gold Coast
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                • Reply to AC7

                  Kitty, I’m guessing they’re probably doing what they know or taking baby steps.

                  I understand because I more repulsed by meat than by...

                  Today, 01:21 PM By Stillness
                • Reply to Am I taking partners PMDD too personally?

                  I'm glad you're getting help for your depression. You're not alone and I hope you get better.

                  Today, 09:31 AM By Popcorn&Candy
                • Reply to AC7

                  You're right there, atskitty2: there are processes in our bodies that we don't know about or only know a little about. I certainly do not know the ins...

                  Today, 09:28 AM By Popcorn&Candy
                • Reply to Do You Love Your Teeth?

                  When did you have open heart surgery, Claret? I hope you've recovered well.

                  I agree that everyone needs to keep their teeth and gums healthy:...

                  Today, 09:21 AM By Popcorn&Candy
                • Reply to Music Therapy

                  You're absolutely right, HughFennell.

                  Today, 09:14 AM By Popcorn&Candy

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