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In 6 weeks I'm having a hysterecetomy

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  • In 6 weeks I'm having a hysterecetomy

    Hello everyone. I have just joined this website & I'm looking for a very specific cross section of women. Specifically, I want to hear women's stories pertaining to hysterectomy. I am 34 years old and I have just scheduled my sub-total hysterectomy for 6 weeks from now. This procedure was suggested to me after many fibroids and one sizable one have been found to be growing on my uterus. I had been having very painful periods and unusually heavy bleeding for a few months. Both of these symptoms run in my family of women, so I just assumed my body was changing and that it was normal. However, after having routine blood work, my primary care physician found that I had anemia and a very low hemoglobin - as a result from the heavy bleeding. I guess what I am looking for is women near my age demographic who have been through this surgery. I'm very interested in how it is gong to effect my life going forward. Luckily, I did not have children in my plan, so that wasn't a huge blow to my psyche. But I have never had any major surgery and I'm concerned about how this will affect my health in the future. Thanks.

  • I am not in your situation, but felt I should comment. I think [from what I can tell] you are right to have a hysterecetomy. Painful, heavy periods are definitely not something a woman should have to consider normal [although many do go through that]. Once the operation is done, you'll be free of pain and stress every month. I believe you've made the right decision. I have little advice to offer, but am sure many ladies on here will reply to your post.

    Take care and I am sure you'll be a happier woman after the operation.


    • Been here and done that. Anemia, being tired all the time, not being able to plan romantic trips with my DH and all that goes with the heavy periods that go on and on and on for months on end. Hysterectomy was my only option as well. I already had two children so that was not a consideration. I had mine done using the normal technique of a "smile". A cut in the lower part of your torso giving easy access to the uterus. I was told to be off work for 6 weeks. I needed each one of those weeks to recover somewhat and have my body build up a better supply or iron rich blood.

      The operation itself is fairly simple, but each person will react differently to the healing process afterwards. I will say it was the best decision of my life. I have not regretted having it done - not even once. In my case they left the ovaries so I didn't go through immediate menopause, it came along naturally years later.

      There is another type of surgery in which they remove the uterus via the vagina. I wouldn't recommend this. My sister had hers done this way and had no end of problems for quite a while.

      As with anything else, a lot of what you'll feel will depend upon your state of mind going in. It makes no difference in your sex life, you lose no sensations or desires.
      That which we forget may as well never really happened.


      • I like Claret's post. I have never had a hysterectomy, but I can understand the anxiety you're feeling. Any operation is frightening, but you'll be in the best care. And your life will be free of pain.

        Do tell us after your operation how you are. I would certainly like to make sure you're recovering well.

        Take care and you will be fine.


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