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Internet Safety and Identity: Part II!

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    Internet Safety and Identity: Part II!

    Since the last Internet Safety thread was rather hijacked by the topic that inspired it, I felt it deserved a revisit. We've got quite a few new members now (Welcome!!) and of course, veteran members are always becoming closer and making outside contact, so I felt it was a good time to post a reminder.

    It's important to remember, with in-the-flesh people and online friends all the same, there are "bad people" out there, and those people exist on a spectrum. Not every person who wants contact with us is necessarily a healthy addition to our lives, but every unhealthy person is not going to be a mustache-twirling villain, either. Sometimes unhealthy people are just lonely and looking for a companion's attention - which is obviously A-OK, but if they react petulantly when you withdraw, it may be time for a cut-off. Other situations are more obviously unhealthy, like if an acquaintance starts pushing you to share more private details than you feel comfortable sharing, or asks you to turn the friendship more sexual than you want it to be.

    If someone is making you uncomfortable on WH, please report the message. You can do this the same way you report a post, and it does the same thing - creates a carbon copy of the reported message that the mods/admins can see and discuss, so there is no question of altered copy/paste, altered screen shots, etc. We can decide how to proceed from there.

    However, if a WH member who you have started to contact outside the site has engaged in behaviors that make you uncomfortable, we probably won't take any site-related actions like banning him/her. Though we appreciate the heads-up that someone has become toxic, so that we can look out for related behavior on the forum, it's not fair to impose WH's code of conduct on outside interactions.

    On a similar note, members should expect a certain degree of privacy on WH. Sometimes members come and go, and there should be no expected effort from the moderator team to bring them back or find out what happened to them. Naturally some of us will have outside connections and outside information, but the departed member should be allowed to disclose about his/her personal circumstances by him/herself ... if s/he wants to. It's natural to worry, and honestly in some cases the worst will be true - people do die or fall ill unexpectedly, after all - but in respect of cases where members have simply decided they no longer want to interact on WH, not every case should be treated as an emergency.

    I hope everybody is doing well on this weekend and is keeping their identity safe Cheers!
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    A good reminder, Little. Thank you.
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      Yes, thanks!


        Great thoughts, thanks for sharing this


          I don't mean to hijack the thread, Little, but I just wanted to say how amazing it really is, the knowledge & technology hackers & scammers have behind them. I say this because we're having a terrible problem with spam at work, containing nasty viruses that could do a lot of damage. These spam messages get through, what I'm sure is as sophisticated a firewall & anti-virus program available, because we have precious records & private documents to protect. Yet they're getting through in large numbers, and we're admonished on a daily basis to protect the system!

          The capabilities of these people cannot be underestimated, either on a corporate level such as that, or on a private level of which you speak. They are bold & cunning, patient & calculating with their eyes on the prize - whatever that may be for them in particular. One of the IT guys told me we have people devoted only to fighting this stuff daily. Amazing to me. But he explained that for as much time as the hackers are spending, they could make one single hit that could score them major income (usually) or whatever their objective may be. So as hard as they're working, we have to work harder to protect ourselves & our information. And it isn't really hard work for hacks-they're so smart & sly.
          They know how to hit our sensibilities. The spam I receive at work is very tailored to our profession, and looks to be appropriate material, but it is not. It addresses me by name even, and credentials. Sometimes it almost seems as if they know me. Very sophisticated & scary stuff.

          Just amazing really, the lengths they go to.


            A little thank u from me too


              Thank you Little for the heads up on the interaction with others on this site. I know how it can be as to be very careful as well.
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                I have read the Internet safety thread. I will certainly abide by it. I think knowing how sites work is important. I don't want to get into trouble with anyone and have any other problems online. Anyhow, I will be sure to remember the safety advice.