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December News & Updates

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    December News & Updates

    December News & Updates

    This will be the first of many more to come, monthly announcements about Women's-Health.com news and updates. We would like to make an effort to get everyone more involved in what's going on with this community. We hope that these new postings/newsletters will offer some insight to the workings of Women's-Health.com and get everyone involved in making this support community all it can be!

    Poster Of The Month
    We are pleased to announce that starting immediately, we will be announcing our "Poster of the Month". The member who posts the most messages with great content, will be awarded "Poster of the Month" which will include a reputation boost, new signature permissions, and a new customized user title. The decision will be based on the total number of posts and the importance of the information for that particular month. The winner for that month will be announced the following month after the posts have been calculated. We want to remind everyone that we are here to help each other and the best way to do so is to share our wisdom and experience.

    November's poster of the month is Kaylar!!! This member has blown us away with the amount of quality posts in such little time. Keep up the good work Kaylar!


    Women's Health News
    We would like to remind everyone about the recently released vaccine Gardisil, which is used to prevent the sexually transmitted Human Papilloma Virus (HPV - Herpes). This virus is the leading cause of cervical cancer in women today! Although Gardisil does NOT cure HPV, it does prevent women who have not contracted it, from getting it in the future. Please share this information with all the women you know. It seems that far too many women do not know that HPV causes cervical cancer. Women's-Health.com wants all it's users to stay happy and healthy! Help fight cancer!

    SPAM - What we are doing to stop it!
    Many of you have done a phenominal job of notifying us when there is a member abusing their posting priveledges. We greatly appreciate all the help we can get! It can be difficult monitoring the large amount of posts on this site. To show our appreciation, members who frequently report bad posts to us, will be awarded with a reputation boost and will become a member of our "Neighborhood Watch" group with customized title.

    Since the launch of Women's-Health.com, we have been regularly combatting shameless spammers. As I have mentioned in posts before, we do not accept nor tolerate any form of spamming (unwanted advertising). Especially when the content is offensive in nature. That includes posting SPAM in the forums and sending SPAM in private messages.

    In an effort to cut down on spammers, we have gradually been making changes to the way our site works. We aggressively ban any user who attempts to post SPAM by username, ip address, AND email address. Unfortunately, the number of spammers is immense so we are always banning someone.

    We have also had to remove the option to use HTML and link code in signatures and posts because too many members were using this for SPAM. Users who demonstrate good behavior and contribute frequent quality content to our site will have their membership upgraded and will be allowed to use HTML in their posts and signature. If you would like us to evaluate your membership, please send me a private message.

    We want your opinion!
    We built this site for YOU so please tell us what you like about this site, what you would like to change, or any suggestions you may have. Anything big or small, we want to know about it! We have created a forum near the top of the support boards titled "WH Feedback" just for you. Please share your thoughts there.

    Women's Health Member Activity
    We currently have 2,256 members and 4,266 posts!


    I was very surprised and most grateful!


      You are most welcome!!





          Many many congrats.......