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November's News & Updates

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    November's News & Updates

    November 2007 Newsletter - Happy Thanksgiving!
    New Forum Moderators!
    Congratulations to our new forum moderators "inquisitive1", "JubesInquest", and "patricias213"! These new moderators will now be helping to keep Women's-Health.com a happy, healthy, and productive community.

    For those interested in becoming a moderator, members are chosen based on their length of time as a member, the amount of posts, the quality of information they are sharing, their personallity, their willingness to help others, and how well they follow our rules.
    Poster of the Month
    Congratulations to "Little",our November Poster of the Month! She has contributed 234 Posts!! "Little" has contributed a lot of good quality information to those in need. She has shown a great personallity and desire to share. Thanks, "Little"!

    For more information on Poster of the Month, click here.
    WH Breast Cancer Awareness Donation
    As many of you may know, we (Women's-Health.com) rallied to donate 10 cents for every new thread created in the month of October to Susan G. Komen For The Cure. We are happy to announce that we had 414 new threads! We did hope for more threads and we really want to go the extra mile so instead of 10 cents per thread, we are donating 25 cents per thread. Thanks to everyone who posted in October and helped to promote this event for Breast Cancer Awareness!
    Upcoming Site Maintenance
    We know that some of you have experienced some minor problems with the Women's-Health.com website recently. In an effort to help our site perform and function better for you, we will be transfering our system to a new, better, more powerful server. In order to do this, you may notice our site down for a day or two (hopefully not at all). Unfortunately, this will be necessary and is out of our control. I can promise you that we will have it up and running again as quickly as possible! Don't worry, you will not lose any posts or information and the only difference you will notice will hopefully be better performance. We will notify you when the change is complete because we want to know if you see any change in performance. Your help would be greatly appreciated!
    Question of the Month

    Q. How do I know if I have a common yeast infection or if it's Bacterial Vaginosis (BV)?

    A. It is an all too common issue when women cannot tell the difference between a yeast infection that can be treated with over-the-counter medications and something more serious that must be treated by a physician. Dealing with these situations can be scary and expensive so here is some very important information.

    Yeast infections have very specific symptoms that are different from other infections. Yeast infections cause slight itchyness which increases to intense itching, burning, redness, and some swelling. Yeast infections may cause a slight change in discharge making it thicker, creamier, and yellowish. However, the discharge does not smell bad. This infection can be treated with over-the-counter medications such as Monistat or Vagisil.

    The other very common infection is Bacterial Vaginosis (BV). This does NOT cause itching or irritation, but rather is trade marked by the changes in vaginal discharge. Unlike the yeast infection, BV produces a foul "fishy" smell and the color may change to greenish/grey. The smell is usually the only thing that tells a woman she has this infection. This infection must be treated by a doctor.
    We Want Your Opinion!
    We built this site for YOU so please tell us what you like about this site, what you would like to change, or any suggestions you may have. Anything big or small, we want to know about it! We have created a forum near the top of the support boards titled "WH Feedback" just for you. Please share your thoughts there.
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