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Neighbourhood help

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    Neighbourhood help

    Neighbourhood Help is a social app that brings communities closer together, and help and assist each other in times of emergencies. A community can be a group of families living in a street, shop owners, small towns, retirement or gated communities, apartments, or anywhere a group of people or families willing to help each other.

    By using this app, you will be able to easily and quickly notify each member of the group, with the simple push of a button, that you have a Critical or Medical Emergency requiring the group’s immediate assistance.

    The unique feature in the app is that you pre-record an Emergency message that your group members will hear when one of the emergency buttons is pressed. It personalises the emergency, and your group members will know who has requested assistance and the location of the emergency.

    ·Critical Emergency (Non-medical)

    The first button is for a Critical Emergency that you press when you require the immediate assistance from the community or group due to a Critical Emergency. A Critical Emergency can include a fire in the house, an intruder in or around your house, a domestic issue, etc.

    ·Medical Emergency

    The second button is for a Medical Emergency that you press when you require the immediate assistance from the community or group due to a Medical Emergency. There are various reasons you may need to use this button where you may not be in a position to contact emergency services directly from being incapacitated, unable to speak, etc.

    This app will give some peace of mind to people who may be living alone, communities who what more control in their neighbourhood, and may restrict or minimise the severity of the emergency.

    Visit our website for further information or if you have any questions:
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    That is such a good idea. Drawing communities together to assist everyone works and makes people feel secure. I definitely am interested in this.