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May '08 News & Updates

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    May '08 News & Updates

    May 2008 Newsletter
    Poster of the Month
    Congratulations to "anonymouswhitefemale",our May Poster of the Month for contributing 489 Posts!! Thanks to "anonymouswhitefemale" for providing a lot of great discussions on sex and relationships, not to mention an in depth glimpse of the male mind and how it relates to women.

    For more information on Poster of the Month, click here.
    New site features are here!!!
    We had some delays, but the forum upgrades are finally here! I am really excited about them and hope that you are too! Here is an overview of the new features. More information on how to use these new features will soon be posted in our FAQ section. For more information on specific features, use the corresponding links below.

    •Blogging - Now you can post your own blogs from your own profile. You will have more options to edit/manage what you write, including allowing/dissallowing user comments. more info

    •User Picture Galleries - Now members can create albums and upload/manage photos within their profile. more info

    •New Member Profiles - Our member profiles now have a different look featuring friend display, recent visitors, comments, contacts, and more. more info

    •Customize Your Profile - You can now customize the look of your profile by changing colors, fonts, and background images. more info

    •Reciprocal Friendships - Send and receive friend requests to create your own network. more info

    •Public Messaging/Comments - Users can now post comments on other member's profiles. more info

    •User Created Social Groups - Members can now create their own social groups. more info

    •Thread Tagging - Help make your posts easier to find. more info

    Some of these features are only accessable for members who have been promoted from "Regular Member" status. This is to help prevent spam and weed out those with bad intentions. If you see anyone abusing these features, please let us know.
    Tip of the Month
    Neti Pot?

    A member brought up the Neti Pot which was featured on the Oprah show. People have asked if it actually works and if they should buy one. Here are my thoughts on this:

    I do believe this will work for many people, but only for short periods. I say short because what you are doing is flushing out all irritants, but every time you take a breath after, you are inhaling new irritants. So someone with bad pollen allergies will have problems again after being outside a while. Rather then spending the money on a Neti Pot, I say... why not use your own gravy boat or something that will work the same way. Just be sure to use a mixture of sea salt and water (not just water).
    We Want Your Opinion!
    We built this site for YOU so please tell us what you like about this site, what you would like to change, or any suggestions you may have. Anything big or small, we want to know about it! We have created a forum near the top of the support boards titled "WH Feedback" just for you. Please share your thoughts there.
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