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  • Random Error Messages

    All right, I'm curious. Is anyone else having problems replying to threads? I'm receiving random error messages while typing a response, then when I hit "post," I get another error message stating "You are not authorize to make this post." I have learned to copy and paste my replies in a document before attempting to send. I have to log out, log back in, go to the post and click restore. And then, only part of the message is restored. Thankfully, I have the backup copy to pull the remainder of my response from. Am I alone here?

  • Sounds similar to the issues the site was having a year or so ago. I do a lot from the mobile app, and don't encounter those issues. When I've been on pc lately, I haven't had issues.


    • This renewed revamped site is so much harder to use. Their responses and numbers must be way down. They've taken a cookie-cut website and plopped it down and it just isn't working and should be changed back. They need to get their money refunded. All the spam is still here as well.
      That which we forget may as well never really happened.


      • Thanks for the response ladies. Maybe it was a random issue but it happened when replying to Kitty's post day before yesterday and then again yesterday. Claret, I received your message, thank you for the feedback. To be honest, I wondered if you received my message because the new site isn't as user friendly and for me has behaved erratically lately. (Of course, I'm not very tech savvy!) I liked the older format better too. There are several long time members I haven't seen in a while.

        I miss functions we had before like the ability to easily see who is online without having to hover the curser over a blank box and being able to see how many people are viewing particular categories. A reply function would be nice with messaging. I suppose for now, if we want to ensure a message is private the only way to respond is by "composing." I imagine the admins have their hands full trying to iron out the kinks.


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