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Could I post my own selfies?

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  • Could I post my own selfies?

    I have a severe body image disorder, finding myself the ugliest woman on Earth and hating my body. Been wondering if I could post up my own selfies for others to comment on? I'm also fixated on my pimples thinking they're making me even homelier. So yeah, having some nice compliments on my looks could boost up my self-esteem and others might have a disordered body image as well. It's a genuine query I have here. thanks, if you could have a pics board or a selfies board? For self-esteem boosts and stuff? It might be good for other members who are suffering from the same disorder as I do to post theirs up and have comments on them. What do you say staff?
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  • Click on your icon above the search box (upper right). Click on my profile. Go to the media tab. copy the url of added photos to paste in posts.
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