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New Here, Need Advice Group B Strep Nighmare- Not Pregnant

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  • New Here, Need Advice Group B Strep Nighmare- Not Pregnant

    Hello I am new to this forum. I am a 25 year old female. I am in desperate need of answers/advice. I have been diagnosed with group b strep for aprox. a year and a half. I get vaginal redness, burning when I urinate, itchiness, and sometimes pelvic pain. I have been tested for all stds which were all negative. Every vaginal culture they do comes back with group b strep! Some swear there's no symptoms with this bacteria, but if that's all i am being tested positive for, for over a year and a half. I beg to differ.

    I had a tubal pregnancy last Sept 2007 and after I lost the pregnancy at 6 weeks. I started testing positive for this for a year and a half now. I get a vaginal infection once a month usualyy the third week of each month. If this is happening to any other women can you private message me on here, I keep telling my Dr I cant bear the thought of having this infection once a month for the rest of my life. It has even been affecting my marriage. Plus financial with all the dr visits. They say there's no cure so I feel basically I am SOL. I have seen about 5 ob gyns and 2 family Drs now I have been asked to go see an infectious disease dr to see if there is any vaccination/shot that counteract the symptoms! Please give any advice/experience you can. I appreciate it!

  • I also been positive for group B strep on and off for the last 2 yrs. OBGYN states there is not much they can do. Says I am a carrier of it and will have it the rest of my life. It is very hard at times on my marriage. Seems like I have it all the time. Do you have any luck and if so can you tell me what the dr's came up with. Dr wants me to try over reacted bladder meds. LOL


    • My Group B Strep Cure No more signs of the BACTERIA!!!!

      After a long time and research. I realized why I was never getting cured. Doctors here in the U.S. have it all wrong with Group B Strep. They try to cure only women, but that is where they are wrong. The cure comes from curing the couple. The couple is supposed to be given medications together. So your partner needs antibiotics too. I was at my wits end and could no longer bare this, so when I was visiting a cousin in Mexico who is a doctor, I told her about my problem. She was amazed at how long it was taking doctors to cure me. She asked me what medications I was being given. When she asked what medications they were giving my husband, I was like HUH??? They only gave me medication for the Group B Strep. She gave me that AH that is where the problem is. So she finally examined me and prescribed the two of us medication. I am so happy that I was in the right place at the right time. It took three painful years of Group B Strep, but I finally had found the cure and it is gone. She also advised me to stop eating sugars and breads because they contain yeast that feed group B Strep. So now a healthy lifestyle followed by the antibiotics she prescribed us and now we are CURED!!!!

      We were prescribed Dalacin (clindamycin) in eggs (OVULES), 3 days straight, starting at the same time DALACIN tablets 300 mg, 1 every 6 hours for 10 days.
      The treatment with the DALACIN tablets we both had to take.

      And after all that Yipee!!!! no sign of the bacteria.

      Best of luck to all of you and I hope that this has helped.


      • I was also recently diagnosed with Strep B in bladder, vagina and genitalia which caused burning discharge and discomfort. Ampicillin was prescribed which seemed to help but then discomfort returned after dosage was finished. Then Clindymycin suppositories for 7 days which seemed to help but then returned after a couple of days. Clean diet was attempted with no sugar, lots of veggies and no processed foods. After 8 weeks, symptoms continued. It was suggested that I try a garlic product called Allimax 450 which had studies which showed success with strep B. After 2 weeks at high dosages of 1800-2400 mg /day, symptoms have disappeared. I will go get another culture to see if GBS is gone. No side effects with Allimax, other than relief from symptoms. Will update once culture comes back. I tried allimax after reading another GBS sufferers solution.


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