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Sweat Problems

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  • Sweat Problems

    Hey there, I'm wondering if anyone can help me with an ongoing issue here. Being it's getting warmer here in the northern hemisphere, my issues with sweating and odor have returned. When I work out or if it's hot out, I find that everywhere, including my groin, sweat quite a bit and I acquire an embarrassing odor down there. I wash every day with a mild soap and keep my hair short. I've also tried natural cotton and athletic underwear, but it has not helped at all. I often find I have to change my underwear at least once a day because they become so damp and smelly and I often have to freshen up throughout the day...

    It is a huge source of embarrassment and im not sure what to do about it. I'm wondering if feminine products such as summer's eve can actually help with this problem? I would prefer not to use antiperspirant products down there, they just don't sound very healthy to me. I've never had issues with yeast infections or anything else like that, just body odor.

  • Have you tried modifying your diet? I'm not sure you can control the sweat as it sounds like you're already doing everything you should be. But, the sweat should not have a foul odor. Are you eating a diet heavy in fatty/greasy foods? Heavy in onion, peppers, etc?

    Perhaps getting some nice smelling feminine wipes or just wet wipes to freshen up with when you go to the bathroom would help?
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    • I don't know anyone that sweats more than me, so I feel your pain. A couple of things:

      1) Diet can help with smells, like BD mentioned. My first thought was water, since you're sweating a lot. That helps keep your system clean.

      2) Feminine washes do work. My wife swears by summers eve. I notice a difference when she uses it.

      3) There's a good chance that you're smelling a lot more than others are if you're bathing daily and wearing clean clothes.
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      • Originally posted by Loric2014
        Foods and spices that have a strong odor are often manifested in my perspiration, like a bad breath. Garlic, Thai food and some vegetables.
        My wife is Thai and eats Thai food all of the time. She does not have a bad body odor or foul breath. I think different people react differently to different foods.
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