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Is it my hymen?

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  • Is it my hymen?

    I honestly don't usually use forums to talk about my problems but this one is driving my literally insane, and I feel more comfortable as this is for women health so I'm hoping I won't be judged. Plus, I'm a hypochondriac so the doctor's is almost out of the question so I am at a loss otherwise.

    I hope this isn't too much tmi so apologies for the long post but I want to try and give as much info as I can. I should start by saying that I'm 22 and a virgin. I'm not overly clued up on the workings on "down there" but I know that the hymen can break other ways.

    Anyway, about 4 years ago, I had a spell of abnormal periods, and one time when wiping I felt a lump. Back then I concluded it was my cervix and thought nothing of it. Anyway, recently (last year or two) I kept feeling a lump or something when wiping after having a pee, and at that point, I used a mirror to look and I noticed there was a flesh tongue shaped thing in my vagina. It seems quite large (well to me anyway), the main part of it is probably like a 2p shape but I haven't measured it or anything so I don't know how accurate that it.

    It seems to come from far back and come out into the main part (if that makes sense. But like I said, I'm not very clued up on this area as I never did much sex ed at school because I rarely attended due to anxiety). Sometimes it seems to be in a relatively non-worrying position but lately it seems a lot further forwards, almost poking out, and it just looks different than I remember it did when I first noticed it. Right now, it seems incredibly close to the opening, I can see (what I guess is normal) ragged squiggly bits of flesh right towards the top. It also seems to come more forward after having a poo (<- sorry).

    It doesn't hurt as such, it just generally feels uncomfortable, mainly because I know it's there and I am over thinking about it constantly. When I can touch it, it has some kind of sensation but I don't know how to describe it. And sometimes it tingles and feels strange, but again, that's usually if I am over thinking about it.

    I have hypochondria and OCD so I seem to have this obsession and compulsion to look up there frequently to see if it looks different or the same. The doctors isn't totally out of the question but I am trying to avoid it as much as possible because of a huge fear of them. And to be honest, I don't particularly want anyone looking up there or even touching if it came to that too. But this is driving me beyond insane to the point that even using the bathroom fills me with dread because I just can't deal with the worry this is causing me.

    I should also mention that I have no problems peeing - it comes out fine and it seems to be emptied afterwards, my period flows as normal, I don't need to frequently urinate or anything, unless I'm over thinking about it.

    The closest I have got to even remotely concluded anything was that it was a hymen remnant of some kind but that has completely gone out the window again because I'm still concerned it's something else and more worrying.

    Sorry for the long post, but I was just wondering if what I'm describing a hymen remnant of some kind?
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  • No harsh judgments or critical comments here We will help as best we can.

    And just so you know, there are men members of this forum. They're generally good, understanding men that are only here to help, or seek help for themselves regarding a woman in their life. They're typically harmless, and often very helpful contributors for us, so no worries for that either, ok?
    I am a woman tho.

    About your question, I'm curious about how far inside your vagina is this fleshy mass? And is it actually inside your body, or on the outer section? I'm wondering if you could actually be seeing the fleshy clitoral point?
    Do you touch yourself much, aside from this examination, such as with masturbating? I ask that, because if you do masturbate, you probably already know the placement of your clitoris.

    Have you tried googling diagrams of your anatomy? If not, try that. That should show you what is supposed to be there, and where, and help you maybe even with real pictures.

    It's also possible to have a cyst or other benign issues. The majority of these are minor problems, but do sometimes need treatment for resolution.

    I can't imagine that it's your hymen, or a remnant, from your description, but it's possible. The hymen is a rather thin membrane, and I can't imagine it would be protruding as you described.

    I'll look forward to your response and hope the added information will help me help you figure it out


    • atskitty2

      Thank you for the reply. ☺️

      It's kind of hard to explain.
      It seems to come from quite far up and come down, but I have no idea. It only protrudes out sometimes, not always. Sometimes it's in a different position, like it kind of goes back up a little.

      Like I said, I'm not all too clued up on the anatomy, I just kind of assume mine doesn't look normal as the pictures I have seen, what I have, isn't there in them.

      I'm not very good with all of this stuff as it's just not an area I know about.
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      • Welcome to WH!

        If you want to see some of the variations of a torn hymen, Google [torn hymen] and click on images below the input box. You will see that there are many ways the hymen can look when intact and many ways the hymen can look when torn.
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