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Potential Yeast Infection Help

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  • Potential Yeast Infection Help

    So I’ve been having some issues with what I’m assuming has been yeast but I would appreciate some additional insight on. I have had issues with reoccurring yeast infections for about 3 years and have received diflucan to help treat them. However about two months ago I got an infection and the diflucan didn’t have any effect. Additionally, the labs they ran came back negative for yeast, BV, and any common STDs. I waited about a month before going back to the doctor and had the same tests repeated but was prescribed an antibiotic for BV instead to see if that was the cause. The PA even swore it was yeast and said she would be surprised if nothing came back on the labs. Similarly, I got no results and all my tests were negative. I had some short term success with a three day monostat treatment, but after about three weeks my symptoms are back. I’m pretty desperate to find a solution as the amount of discharge I am experiencing is uncomfortable and embarrassing to deal with. It is also causing the exterior of my vulva to become irritated and itchy. I’m away at college so I don’t have a gynecologist in the area and have only been using the local urgent care. I haven’t been using anything to try and clean the area on recommendation from the PA except for coconut oil to help soothe the exterior skin. I also have been taking a probiotic to try and help the issue. I also take an oral hormonal contraceptive that i have been on for several years. If anyone has any experience with this or could offer any advice I would greatly appreciate it!

  • What's your diet like?

    What types of laundry soap and softener do you use?


    • Originally posted by atskitty2 View Post
      What's your diet like?

      What types of laundry soap and softener do you use?
      I have a pretty well rounded diet, not a lot of sugar or anything like that I eat pretty healthy. I use generic target laundry detergent and have been for about 8 months now


      • to rungirll1123- I have a web site that could possibly be the solution for you i sincerly hope the web site helps you in some way, you might have to copy and paste the site into your browser>>>>>>>> HTTP://MALDO31.FLAMINGSTUDIOSYEA.C2STRACK.COM


        • the website i gave you to look at is based on the topic of yeast infections itmay be worth while to look at the site!


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