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  • Boyfriend can't finish during sex... is it me? :(

    This might get a bit TMI, but hey, this is a forum about sex so whaddya expect?
    Hi everyone. I never thought I'd post about something so personal,...
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  • Difference Between Maternity Bra VS Nursing Bra?

    Bra fitting for pregnancy, breastfeeding and beyond.
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  • AmLyPr
    started a topic Period or Pregnant ? help :(

    Period or Pregnant ? help :(

    My cycle is roughly an average of 26 days long. I had sex the 31st (11 days ago) and the 4th (7 days ago). My period was supposed to come yesterday, but...
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  • Nervygirlfriend
    started a topic Not experienced enough?
    in Sex

    Not experienced enough?

    My boyfriend and I have been experiencing a bit of a sexual rut lately. We had a talk about it last night, and he mentioned that it's hard for him, because...
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  • Sophia_21
    started a topic Could I be pregnant?

    Could I be pregnant?

    Apologies if it's TMI ladies

    Please give me advice .. so I've been on the microgynon combined pill for the past 6 months. I'm in a long distance...
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  • Cloudy
    started a topic First time reading eroticism advice?
    in Sex

    First time reading eroticism advice?

    Hey everyone this is my first time posting, I'm just wondering if anyone can tell me if this is normal? I was reading an erotic novel the other day and...
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  • RaggyDoll84
    started a topic Contact From Abusive Ex-Partner

    Contact From Abusive Ex-Partner

    Hi all,

    Firstly I am new here and to be perfectly honest have been spurred to join by the fact that I am facing a number of difficulties...
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  • BON Cloud
    started a topic Have your questions/concerns answered!

    Have your questions/concerns answered!

    Hi everyone! Do you have concerns about daily life, no matter itís education, or money, or inequality, or anxiety about the future, and have noway...
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    Last edited by Claret; 01-09-2017, 07:20 AM.

  • Beautiful Disaster
    started a topic Men or Women???

    Men or Women???

    If you had to work with a medium to large sized group of people in your job every day, would you prefer them to be women, men or a mixture of both? W...
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    Last edited by Beautiful Disaster; 04-26-2016, 08:57 AM.

  • Texasred
    started a topic Zoloft Side Effects?

    Zoloft Side Effects?

    Does anyone know first-hand the side-effects (if any) of taking Zoloft (Lustral in the UK)?
    I just learned today that my wife has been taking Zoloft...
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  • Dark_Crazy_Lover
    started a topic 30 but still doesn't want sex
    in Sex

    30 but still doesn't want sex

    Hi, my boyfriend and I are very serious in this relationship. He is 30 and I am 21. We plan to get married in about 5 years. And we won't have sex until...
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  • NinthCaller
    started a topic Wife is watching porn?
    in Sex

    Wife is watching porn?

    Hello everyone. My first post here and I'm looking forward to reading your thoughts.

    My wife and I have been married for 22 years. I'm 56...
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  • The Reaping, the Sowing

    in Home

    The Reaping, the Sowing

    Reaping and sowing. Karma. Getting back what you give. This is one of the earliest lessons I remember from my mother. Although I heard her each and every time she said it, the true extent of its meaning did not expose itself to me until my twenties. Whichever way itís stated, the meaning is still the same: whatever you hand out, is what you get back.

    I believe that in most cases, transparency can be the cure for many an ailment and so Iíll share that in my twenties, I could be (as the...
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  • Friendships, Beginnings and Endings

    in Home

    Friendships, Beginnings and Endings

    In a few weeks, Iíll be 45 years old. Over those years, Iíve learned quite a few lessons on friendship. Some painful, most beautiful, all worth passing along.

    For the most part, I have been blessed with some very good friends who I know will stand by me till the end. These are my true friends. I know this because Iíve reached the ďendĒ on a few occasions and those folk have had my back. These are the same people who have stood by when Iíve decided to fly off in different directions...
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  • The Problem With Love IsÖ

    in Home

    The Problem With Love IsÖ

    Iíve only ever been in two relationships in my life: Charlie* was my on-again-off-again boyfriend of two years and Jason* was my friend of four years before he became my boyfriend of nine months. Iím 21 and Iím actually proud that, while I have dated a few guys, Iíve only ever had two boyfriends. While I invested a lot of time in those relationships, I didnít really invest my heart. I broke up with both of those guys for the very same reason: I was just not that into them. Neither guy was someone...
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  • Love and Itís Representatives

    in Home

    Love and Itís Representatives

    Love is quite a strange emotion. In the fairy tales, love is usually represented by a petite, long-haired heroine being wooed and rescued by a dude on a white horse, with sweet words and actions. They ride off into the sunset together and live happily ever after. Fairytales. Weíd all like to live in one, but how many times does it really happen?

    Real life:

    Your man probably wonít come up on a galloping stallion. Your hair (the pixie cut, the bob or the ponytail) is probably...
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  • A Challenge of the Popular Beliefs: How and When Women Orgasm

    in Home

    A Challenge of the Popular Beliefs: How and When Women Orgasm

    The Web reflects the implicit contradictions and insecurities associated with womenís sexuality. Despite the intense interest in female orgasm and how it might be achieved, everyone assumes that every other couple out there has it all figured out.

    So typically men advise each other on techniques for Ďgiving a woman an orgasmí through intercourse and stimulation of the vagina. Menís interest in female orgasm is driven by their desire to motivate a partner to be more interested...
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  • Chic Sexy Stylish Gift Ideas for Her or Him at the Holidays

    in Home

    Chic Sexy Stylish Gift Ideas for Her or Him at the Holidays

    Itís that time of year when we struggle to find that perfect gift for the ones we love. Well, if you are looking for some sexy gift ideas to spice up your loverís sex lives (and yours!), here are some of the most stylish new adult products that make great gifts for men, women and couples.

    Screaming Oís Studio Collection for Women

    I just love this whole collection from Screaming O, a company who creates intimacy products for couples, women and men. This new series...
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  • Women Fake Orgasm Rather Than Invest in Exploring Sexual Pleasure With a Lover

    in Home

    Women Fake Orgasm Rather Than Invest in Exploring Sexual Pleasure With a Lover

    Men suggest that it should be possible to educate women to be more interested in sex: ďJust tell them sex is great and theyíll get it!Ē. This is simple brain-washing and it doesnít work. It may pressure women into feeling that they should orgasm (so they fake or mistake orgasm) but it can never make them experience sex as a man does.

    Sex is inherently a scenario where a man takes and a woman gives. Today women like to imply that they gain the same from casual sex that men do....
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  • Forgiving, Forgetting and Remembering

    in Home

    Forgiving, Forgetting and Remembering

    One of the most powerful acts you can perform is to forgive. It is also one of the most difficult to carry out. Wrongs/slights take place every single second in every single sector of the world. Some of the things that hurt others are intended, some are not. In the end, whether the act is intentional or not, the resulting pain is still there. Everyoneís pain is different. Everyoneís measurement of the depth/weight of the actual deed is different. Being lied to, cheated on, passed up for a much-deserved...
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