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  • Surrogacy

    Hi everyone,
    I'm from Colombia. I want to ask regarding possible medical risks of surrogacy. I'm a worried friend of a friend who has got herself in the gestational surrogacy. It's a GS/DS . And there are chances she'll do it in future as well. To help more women. She's one of those altruistic souls who just want to help others and is always ready. Even if it costs her life and resources. Though, she says that she's doing it for money. I know her real reasons. She's been emotionally disturbed after her breakup, losing job and whatnot (God is testing her tough lately) and like every time when she's on a depressing roller-coaster ride she ventures out to help other poor souls. She says she finds meaning through this charitable/philanthropic/altruistic work. And this time, it has reached beyond my expectations. She's given up her own self/body for the welfare of others! This is a forum for all women, right? My friend is out there to help women who can't carry pregnancy but want a child. I request each one of you to enlighten me on possible hazards associated with surrogacy (If any). I care for her -- even if she doesn't. Can we all, together?

  • you don't know how much I moved after reading this. May she be happy always. Actually what is our main aim of life. We are here to help others nothing else. It's a real nice thing what she is up to. My all prays are with her. Don't worry it's nothing to worry about. Everything is fine. No need to be worry about. There is no issue in it. Just she would get fat and all. All pregnancy related stuff. other than that there is no issue in it. Don't be worry about anything. May your friend be happy always. Best of luck to her.


    • There are no medical risks as such. The work she is doing is really great. Helping others is always really great thing to do in the world. I am really thankful to her. She'll never get any problem don't worry about it. She'll just get fat and all that pregnancy related issues. There shouldn't be any problem besides that. Don't worry about anything. Best of luck dear. May your be always happy. what she is doing is great.


      • this is so moving to read I swear.I am so happy and sad at the same time because knowing that people like that do exist in this world who are just like an angel for people like me who are themselves unable to carry their own child and now they are left with very less time to get their own in natural way.First i will share a story of my friend who got her two little girls from a surrogate mother and believe me i havent seen her this much happy so this is an appreciation to what you have been dong for the people around you.Also the woman she had as her surrogate was very healthy and it seemed like she was born for ths.The clinic onvolved made sure that the surro mom is healthya dn there are no risks to her helath even a


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