Editorial Guidelines

We believe in complete transparency when it comes to who we are, how we support our research and team, create our content, and make editorial decisions.

Women’s Health Interactive is an inclusive and passionate team of sex-positive medical experts and industry professionals dedicated to bold research and fearless conversations about sex.

How We Support Our Team: Affiliate Disclaimer

We’re able to support our incredible team of content creators, product testers, researchers and professionals on our medical review board through affiliate commissions.

When someone clicks on an affiliate link or purchases a product or service through an affiliate link on our site, we may earn a small commission at no extra cost to the purchaser.

We do not accept paid placements or guarantee positive reviews, do not select products based on commission amount, and all our recommendations are entirely brand-neutral.

Whenever possible, we offer specially negotiated discounts. These discounts are secured on behalf of our audience only after an independent review of the products or services we recommend.

→ Partnerships

We occasionally invite select companies to participate in sponsorship opportunities on our website, newsletters, or social media platforms.

These sponsorships are clearly labeled and designed to highlight companies we believe our audience should learn more about or will benefit from after independently vetting and recommending them.

Following deep internal discussion and consensus agreement within our entire team, we feel these sponsorships do not constitute a conflict of interest because they were created AFTER independent, unbiased review and recommendation of a brand or product with no prior promise, commitment, or monetary exchange.

→ Current And Past Partnerships

Editorial Guidelines: How We Create Content

  • Women’s Health Interactive upholds a high standard of integrity in everything we publish, including editorial, review, and investigative content or research study, approaching every topic without bias.
  • Our team performs ongoing proprietary research and makes these studies publicly available on topics that relate to sexual wellness, sexuality, and the adult toy industry as a whole.
  • Our team is required to disclose potential conflicts of interest when applicable.
  • Upon request, we permit team members to employ a pseudonym as a means of protecting their identity or to avoid potential conflicts in their personal and/or professional lives. The use of any pseudonym is disclosed in the author’s bio and their likeness on our site may be AI-generated.
  • Before any content is ever written, it is assigned to a subject matter expert on our team who deeply researches the topic and supplements it with their own lived experience when applicable.
  • All external information contained within our content is sourced and referenced from reputable medical publications and trustworthy media outlets, publishers, or outside experts.
  • Medically peer-reviewed studies or publicly-funded research are utilized whenever possible; privately-funded research is used at our discretion based on the advice of our medical review board and the validity of the study sample.
  • All product reviews and recommendations are made only after thorough research and/or hands-on product testing.
  • Products are reviewed independently and we do not guarantee positive reviews or accept monetary compensation to review products.
  • All content published on our site adheres to strict editorial standards and is professionally edited to ensure compliance with our style guide.
  • At least one member of our medical review board fact-checks all content prior to publication to ensure accuracy.
  • Editorial and review content is updated on a frequent basis as new and credible information becomes available.
  • Visual media (images, videos, GIFs, etc.) displayed on our site are proprietary content created by our team. We supplement this imagery with Royalty Free or Creative Commons licensing from third-party stock photography sites. In some cases, we may use artificial intelligence (AI) generators for abstract illustrations used as featured images.

We do not use AI to mass-produce content but may use AI in the planning or drafting process.

[Read more about our stance on AI.]

Product Review Guidelines

Women’s Health Interactive’s product review process is thorough, methodical and often involves months of diligence for any individual product category, and includes:

  1. Deep, Exhaustive Research (Upwards Of 40-80 Hours)
  2. Establishing Rating Criteria
  3. Purchasing Or Arranging Product Samples
  4. Thorough Product Testing By A Minimum Of 3 Team Members (Over 1 To 2 Months)
  5. Reaching Consensus Based On Testing Results
  6. Additional Research (For Periodic Updates)

Our product reviews consistently answer one question: Would we recommend this product or service to our closest friends and loved ones after using it ourselves?

Is the product or service safe? Does it work as expected? Is it the best in its class?

If the answer is not a resounding “yes,” then we won’t recommend it to our audience.

Every product or service being tested is sent to a minimum of 3 team members with subject-matter expertise who then provide real-world, first-hand feedback on the product(s) being considered for recommendation.

We then document every phase of our research whereby our testers rate and provide detailed notes (and video footage) of their experiences, rating the products under a variety of circumstances.

Additionally, our medical review board ensures that all information presented in our final reviews is accurate and in line with current peer-reviewed studies and established medical protocol.

Company Values And Ethics

→ Our Core Values:

  1. Lead With Integrity
  2. Be Bold & Courageous
  3. Effectively Communicate
  4. Keep It Simple – But No Shortcuts
  5. Continuously Learn & Grow

Everything we do at Women’s Health Interactive — and in life — grows from a solid foundation built from those five core values.

  • Team members are chosen based on subject matter expertise, skill, and interest, with no discrimination with regard to gender, sexual orientation, race, or religion.
  • Topics are researched and published by Women’s Health Interactive without any agenda beyond presenting accurate, medically-reviewed information that allows our readership to make the best decisions possible as they relate to their sexual health and wellness.
  • Our content is unbiased and non-judgmental, reliably sourced, and written without external influence (paid or unpaid).
  • Our opinions are NOT for sale and we do not accept investments from outside companies that might wish to influence our recommendations in any way.
  • Products and services that we test and review are paid for out-of-pocket, or provided by the vendors and manufacturers of those products. Neither method equates to a guaranteed recommendation or positive review after testing concludes.
  • We share the pros and cons of any product we review and recommend — no matter how “great” something is, it’s never 100% perfect and we’re honest about our experiences with everything we test.
  • Information we present about any product, brand, or service is an honest representation based on our personal experience without outside influence or bias.
  • We do not accept guest posts or paid advertising on our website.
  • We do, however, sometimes reach out to brands we’ve independently reviewed and already recommend for exclusive discount or sponsorship opportunities on our website, newsletters, or social media platforms.
  • We do not accept paid links, link insertions, or any other form of outside influence regarding who and what we link to.
  • From time to time, we may publish commentary from experts who are not affiliated with Women’s Health Interactive. Any links to outside resources providing more context on their expertise will be included at our discretion.

Our Stance On AI-Generated Content

We do not, nor will we ever, use artificial intelligence (AI) to mass-produce content on Women’s Health Interactive.

We may, from time to time, allow our writers to use AI assistance (such as ChatGPT) during the early draft stages of editorial content only — but NEVER for product reviews.

As a means of assisting writers who are facing writer’s block or struggling with wording (or an ominous blank page), AI can offer a gentle boost to the creation of their written content.

That’s where its involvement ends, however.

  • All written content submitted to us is run through a plagiarism and AI checker.
  • Additionally, all facts (statistical or otherwise) presented in any article draft must be backed up by legitimate sources, such as medical or peer-reviewed studies, and/or quotes from credentialed subject matter experts.
  • Finally, all of our content is reviewed by at least one medical review board member to ensure accuracy before publication.

If you have questions about this policy, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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