Women’s Health Interactive Writing Team
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Current Authors:

Ashlee Tilford
My first memories of writing begin at 7 years old. Introverted and shy to the max, I struggled to express my feelings while in the presence of others....more
Dr. Christie Hartman
I’m a PhD psychologist, writer, and coach. I write articles about dating, relationships, mental health, and maybe a few science-y ones just to keep ...more
Domina Doll
I’m Domina Doll, a Passion, Pleasure, and Empowerment Expert, a Sex Magic Manifesting A|chemist & Metaphysical Muse. I have dabbled as a fetish ...more
Melissa Drumm
I'm Melissa, a writer and wordsmith, women's health enthusiast, and recently inducted member of the world-renowned Eyes-In-The-Back-Of-My-Head Organiz...more
WHI Featured Writer
From time to time, we commission writers with special skillsets and knowledge to contribute to Women's Health Interactive. These authors either wrote ...more