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As an extroverted introvert (yes, that’s totally a thing), I often joke that I became a writer so I could speak to the masses without actually having ...more
I became a writer because I always have something to say, and I’m convinced that everyone needs to hear it. This adorable hubris has served me well as...more
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Growing up reading my dad's crime, mystery and science fiction novels (in addition to my mom's romance novels) as a young child led me to become obses...more
I’m a comedy writer in Los Angeles who also happens to write about sex. This makes perfect sense because sex and comedy are my two favorite things to ...more
I’m a PhD psychologist, writer, and coach. I write articles about dating, relationships, mental health, and maybe a few science-y ones just to keep yo...more

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I've always loved listening to stories, and being able to share important narratives about topics that matter is something I absolutely adore. I love ...more
I am a standup comic based in Chicago. In my comedy and my writing, I gravitate toward talking about the absurdness of sex and the experience of being...more
I am a freelance sex writer, podcaster, YouTuber, and kink educator. I focus on kinky topics, primarily BDSM and power exchange, and I share my lived ...more
When I realized that sex was the one thing everyone wanted to talk about, but everyone seemed afraid to do so, I decided it was time to specialize in ...more
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From time to time, we commission writers with special skill sets, life experiences and knowledge to contribute to Women's Health Interactive on a one-...more
I’m a lesbian Aquarius living in Brooklyn, New York. I like to think about things and read about things. Writing is fun for me. I love animals. Sex (w...more

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My first memories of writing begin at 7 years old. Introverted and shy to the max, I struggled to express my feelings while in the presence of others....more
Hello, I’m Chrissy. I'm a corporate desk jockey by day, but writing is where my true passion lies and I've always had a great affection for old school...more

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I’m Domina Doll, a Passion, Pleasure, and Empowerment Expert, a Sex Magic Manifesting A|chemist & Metaphysical Muse. I have dabbled as a fetish photog...more
Hi there, I’m Helen. I have always loved writing; anything from stories and articles to limericks in birthday cards. I find the creative process of st...more

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It can be done politely, or I can be direct, but I’m going to keep it real either way. Authenticity is a quality I value most. I’ve also made more tha...more