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Women’s Health Interactive has a diverse, experienced, and passionate team of researchers, subject matter experts, content creators, and product testers.

Current Writers & Contributors:

I’ve been a sex blogger since 2012 and a sex toy reviewer since 2015 at kaylalords.com, sharing my lived experience as well as hard lessons learned al...more
Based currently in Atlanta, I'm a comedian and featured journalist for Philadelphia Weekly's Dating, Sex, and LGBTQ+ sections, and I obsess over the s...more
I’ve been an aspiring writer for as long as I can remember and have a BA in Journalism with a specialty in Broadcasting. As a former phonesex opera...more
I have been a recreational therapist for 8 years at The Mount Sinai Hospital in the Department of Rehabilitation and Human Performance in New York Cit...more
I believe sex, sexuality, and relationships are important subjects that uniquely reflect our individual experiences and societal values at the same ti...more
Having spent years working as a professional writer, researcher, and editor, my background and experience are key aspects of my work with Women’s Heal...more
As a professional writer working for over five years in the health and wellness world, I am passionate about the intersection of healing with the writ...more
I graduated with degrees in Communications and Gender & Women’s Studies from UW-Madison in 2014. After college, I moved to Chicago to pursue standup c...more
I studied Human Development and Psychology at Indiana University and now I’m a comedy writer in Los Angeles who also happens to write about sex. I...more
I've been writing about modern dating, sex, women's health and relationships for over a decade. After earning my Psychology degree, I landed a job at ...more
I have a BA in Writing & Literature from Emerson College, but despite years of studying, it was my real life experiences with sex and a desire for kno...more
I hold a Ph.D in Sociology with a minor in Women’s Studies from the University of Arizona and am also a Certified Sexologist. As a child I was diagno...more
When I realized that sex was the one thing everyone wanted to talk about, but everyone seemed afraid to do so, I decided it was time to specialize in ...more
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With a B.A. in Broadcast Journalism and a minor in Journalism from San Francisco State University, I’ve enjoyed writing content for various outlets ov...more
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From time to time, we commission writers with special skill sets, life experiences and knowledge to contribute to Women's Health Interactive on a one-...more
In my mind, sexual pleasure and wellness are the most important (and fun) things we can prioritize as humans. As a professional writer with a degree f...more

Past Authors:

My first memories of writing begin at 7 years old. Introverted and shy to the max, I struggled to express my feelings while in the presence of others....more
I've always loved listening to stories, and being able to share important narratives about topics that matter is something I absolutely adore. I love ...more
It can be done politely, or I can be direct, but I’m going to keep it real either way. Authenticity is a quality I value most. I’ve also made more tha...more