Meet The Passionate Team Behind Women’s Health Interactive
Our mission is to share our passion and curiosity for life through fun, high integrity content, and open and honest discussion.
About Us

Our goal is simple: To empower women everywhere through our forums and articles by offering a safe place to talk about the sometimes uncomfortable side of life, approached with fun, humor and honesty.

Though we’re a small team with humble beginnings, we’ve created a community where we share our life experiences, interests and willingness to help others through engaging, trustworthy and medically reviewed content.

Topics can cover the gamut from sexuality, to mental disorders, pregnancy, child rearing, grooming, relationships and much more. Nothing is off limits. Well almost nothing…

We will never care about celebrity gossip, fad diets, click-bait, or topics that have no shelf life or long-term value. While we’re OK pushing the boundaries and being a bit edgy in the topics we tackle, we like to say that anything we write should be as pertinent in 10 years as it is today, and not have lost any validity or resonance. 


Passion and integrity. Those two words represent what I bring to everything that I do and extend deeply to my stewardship of Women’s Health Interactive.

My passion for business, entrepreneurship and online marketing began in 1997 when I developed my first website and e-commerce startup. Since then I have started multiple companies while shepherding many others with my diverse knowledge of internet marketing.

In addition, for over 20 years, I’ve also been a certified personal trainer and health and fitness expert and embody the belief that all good things begin with careful attention to your mental, emotional, spiritual and physical well-being.

To that end, Women’s Health Interactive is a culmination of a satisfying and fulfilling journey that melds all of my biggest passions in life into one incredible site poised to become a significant and trusted source that empowers women all over the world to learn and discuss the sometimes hard-to-talk-about subjects they profoundly care about.

When I’m not diligently working on Women’s Health Interactive, you’ll find me working out, hiking, laughing my ass off, watching movies and living life to the fullest by constantly growing and doing things — and spending time with people — that make me happy.

Ashlee Tilford

Hi, I’m Ashlee. As Editor in Chief of Women’s Health Interactive, I oversee our brilliant team of writers and medical experts to ensure we deliver high-quality women’s health-related content to our readers.

With a Master’s Degree in Business Administration and over 14 years of experience, I’m a dynamic leader with no shortage of business savvy.

Problem-solving is my forte, which might help explain why I have been a member of Women’s Health Interactive for well over ten years.

Suffice it to say, I am passionately dedicated to educating and bringing awareness to women’s health-related issues worldwide while helping members work through some of their life’s most intimate details.

When I’m not here at Women’s Health Interactive, you might find me on a hiking trail with my pup, planting a garden, doing yoga, teaching college business courses or reading poetry with my favorite cup o’ joe.