About Us And Our Leadership Team
Meet the team behind one of the largest publishers devoted to sexual wellness.

Using our website, community forums, newsletters, and social media platforms as conduits, our mission is to offer a safe and judgment-free space to explore and openly discuss any and all topics relating to sex and sexuality, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, or physical ability.

In fact, no subject is considered “taboo” around here.

We proudly advocate for sexual pleasure without shame — after all, sex is supposed to be FUN — and through our work, we encourage sexuality as something to be embraced and celebrated.

With the support of our medical review board and the product testing and writing team who genuinely care about the health and well-being of our readership, Women’s Health Interactive provides unbiased information with professionalism, lived experience, honesty, and integrity, as its four cornerstones.

To that end, our organization provides independent product advice and reviews in tandem with an extensive library of educational and editorial content — all medically reviewed for accuracy — to improve the sex lives of hundreds of thousands of visitors each month.

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Passion and integrity. Those two words represent what I bring to everything that I do and extend deeply to my stewardship of Women’s Health Interactive.

My passion for business, entrepreneurship and online marketing began in 1997 when I developed my first website and e-commerce startup. Since then I have started multiple companies while shepherding many others with my diverse knowledge of internet marketing.

In addition, for over 20 years, I’ve also been a certified personal trainer and health and fitness expert and embody the belief that all good things begin with careful attention to your mental, emotional, spiritual and physical well-being.

To that end, Women’s Health Interactive is a culmination of a satisfying and fulfilling journey that melds all of my biggest passions in life into one incredible site poised to become a significant and trusted source that empowers women all over the world to learn and discuss the sometimes hard-to-talk-about subjects they profoundly care about.

When I’m not diligently working on Women’s Health Interactive, you’ll find me working out, hiking, laughing my ass off, watching movies and living life to the fullest by constantly growing and doing things — and spending time with people — that make me happy.

Product Testing and Affiliate Manager

Many people refer to me as 'the therapist of happiness' because of my firm belief in living life passionately rather than focusing on finding your passion. I love providing 'green prescriptions' and tips for living a happier and productive life - because being happy is sexy!

It has been a dream come true to take on the roles of Product Testing and Affiliate Manager, plus Writer and Contributor for Women's Health Interactive. As a Non-Traditional Occupational Therapist and Recreational Therapist, the ability to share resources and to be inclusive on sexuality, intimacy, sexual wellness, pelvic health, leisure pursuits, play and accessible products for people with and without disabilities are so important and necessary.

I enjoy being in creative spaces and entrepreneurial environments where people can share their visions, drive and positive outlet while having a healthy dose of growing curiosity about the world.

When I'm not working on Women's Health Interactive, I'm a LEGO® Engineering instructor for children at a STEAM LAB in Queens, NY and I teach my virtual seated ‘Zumba Zoom’ fitness class for people with all abilities. I help empower people to live life better through healthy habits and having a positive mindset. I enjoy learning about aquaponics, visiting cool supermarkets, drawing, singing karaoke, and going on adventures with my husband, family, and friends.

Sometimes, it's okay to stop and smell the roses, or maybe even coffee beans. Do what makes you happy and feeds your soul.


Being Editor-In-Chief of Women’s Health Interactive is an opportunity that I accepted with care and reverence for the position and all it entails — including working with our entire team of writers along with our medical review board, design team, forum team, and founder. This publication and community would not exist without each of them.

I believe in the foundation that Women’s Health Interactive was built upon: open, honest, and fearless conversations about sex. I hope that my work will help others feel less alone and answer questions they have about important topics relating to their sexual lives, health, and wellbeing.

I am a writer to my core. Words and stories are my life, but if I had to choose another career path, I would probably become a donkey farmer.

When I’m not working, I can usually be found playing in the dirt, reading a book and drinking lapsang souchong tea, or using magical weaponry to slay video game foes. I adore music of all genres but have a particular soft spot for David Bowie, Queen, Pink Floyd, and Rush. To have existed on earth together with them is an honor and privilege.

In the words of Rush from Dreamline: “We’re only immortal for a limited time.” Let’s make sure our brief immortality counts for something.