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Thread: Snoring Husband?

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    Default Snoring Husband?

    Cut out Snoring for a Happier Marriage

    By: Karen Barrow

    It is a scene that has played out in countless bedrooms for years; a wife tries to fall asleep as her husband snores loudly next to her. The wife angrily shushes her husband, tries to roll him over and ultimately leaves the bed for the stiff couch in the living room. Often, the husband barely notices his raucous rumblings, but can his snoring be hurting their marriage?
    "This is a frequent problem within marriages that nobody is paying enough attention to," says Dr. Rosalind Cartwright, founder of the Sleep Disorders Center at Rush University Medical Center in Chicago and director of a new study looking into this topic.

    Obstructive sleep apnea, a medical problem caused when the soft tissue in the back of the throat collapses during sleep, is often the cause of snoring. The disease may occur in both genders but is most common in obese, middle-aged men.

    Sleep apnea may be as common as diabetes, but it often goes undiagnosed, as the person with sleep apnea rarely hears his or her own snoring. However, it does make people tired during the day as it prevents people from entering into a deep sleep. Left untreated, the oxygen deprivation caused by sleep apnea can cause high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, memory problems and impotence.

    Another often-ignored side effect, however, is the impact sleep apnea has on the snorer's bed partner.

    "Couples who struggle with sleep apnea have a high divorce rate," says Cartwright.

    A peaceful night of sleep, therefore, may be the secret to a successful marriage.

    For one couple in Cartwright's preliminary study, a husband's snoring woke his wife over eight times an hour. This exhausted his wife and caused a lot of tension at home.

    "The strain on the marriage was evident, the couple was fighting all the time," says Cartwright.

    The husband tried two weeks of at-home treatment for his sleep apnea, consisting of a continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) machine that blows air through the breathing passage, keeping it open throughout the night. The mask of the CPAP machine is less-than-sexy, but following treatment, the wife's quality of life measure jumped from 1.2 to a 7, and her self-reported sleepiness score dropped from a 12 to a 6. More importantly, marital satisfaction scores increased from a 3 to almost a 6.

    Similar results were seen in other couples, as well, and Cartwright is now expanding her research to include more couples in the hopes of proving that sleep apnea treatment can create better marriages.

    "It's beautiful to see couples getting along so much better," she says.
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    Don`t worry - it`s no so big problem...

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    Default Snoring husband

    My husband snores LOUD! One night about 6 months ago, I couldn't sleep (again) and went to the computer in our den to search for anything that might help. A little background: we're in our late 40's, a couple kids, a little on the chubby side (about 20 pounds or so for me, maybe 35-40 for him). We are working to lose some extra pounds. Over the past 5-6 years he has tried chin tape, nose clips & tape, mouth guards (we have 3-4 in the bedside drawer, one from our dentist that cost over a thousand dollars-did NOT work!), sprays, pillows, chin strap... just about anything that we've found online, in magazines, on TV or recommended by his doctor. Obviously, nothing worked very well (or at all).

    He looked into getting the Pillar surgery, but it's expensive and our insurance doesn't cover that. He got tested for sleep apnea, insurance covered that. Doesn't have it. Our doctor suggested maybe a CPAP mask, but a specialist he referred us to said that once you start down that path, you can't really stop. And, he doesn't need it, thank God.
    Anyway, I found a site called put an end to snoring and read what they had to say about snoring aids. Since we've already tried just about everything the site had listed, I was pretty discouraged. Then I read about a product called a snorender, kind of like a chin strap but different. I ordered it mainly because the chin strap that we had tried about a year ago actually did help reduce his loudest snoring, but it kept falling off at night. I'd get to sleep and within a hour or two, he'd be snoring loud as ever.

    I'm not that much into alternative health, but we take GNC vitamins and go to a chiropractor, and she's really helped us both and our sons over the years. So, I kept going back to the site over the next couple of days and found all kinds of information about snoring and different ways to try to stop it. One thing I liked about the site was the information it has, 20 pages, and way it was pretty honest about their own products and also that they have a one year money back guarantee. We got the pro version and they refund 50% of the purchase price but since these are pretty much custom made, I'm OK with that. They also suggested using something called a neti pot. We got one at a local health food store. It took a bit of getting used to, you basically wash out your sinuses with it. But, WOW. What a difference it has made. We both use it at least once a week, more in colder months or when the pollen count is high in the Spring.

    So, did the snorender do anything? Actually, yes, it did. Didn't stop all his snoring all the time, but I'd guess that it stopped maybe 70-80% of it. And when he does snore, it's not nearly as loud or as long anymore. Anyway, I love that I can sleep all night now. He's more rested, maybe because I'm not poking him in the side so much. The snorender site says that their product won't work for everyone and they even printed letters from people who returned the product, expecially people who have trouble breathing thru their nose. But it works just fine for us and we use that neti pot too.

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    My husband snores too. I sleep with a box fan on for the white noise, and ear plugs only on vacation. Too much use of ear plugs makes you hyperacousic.

    If I go to bed before my husband, usually it's not a problem. But if I stay up late and he's already sawing logs, I just sleep in the guest room. He is ok with that since I'm not kicking him every 30 minutes to stop snoring

    My husband is a normal-sized guy and athletic, so I'm not sure why he snores. He's never been to a sleep specialist - maybe it's time. Sometimes he snores softly, but just the other night I was up late from some storms and the power knocked out. His snoring could be heard all through the house!

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    I've snored for as long as I can remember. The only person to ever complain was my ex-wife, but it wasn't anything a kick to the leg couldn't fix.

    I've heard some people say that getting their tonsils removed helps, but that's not 100% effective.

    Just like cold and flu, there's a 100 different remedies to "cure" snoring. Some cheap (nasal strips) and others very costly (surgery). Unfortunately there's nothing that is a cure-all for snoring. Not that it'll make anyone here who has to suffer through their spouse snoring, but my grandparents haven't slept in the same room for about 40 years because my grandpa snores so loud.

    Sometimes that's the only fix.

    And the Neti Pot, as recommended earlier, is also a great way to maintain health because it's a nasal douche. Yeah. I know the terminology is kinda gross, and the visual probably isn't any better. But if you're prone to colds and whatnot... check it out. It's weird at first, but well worth the $20 at Walgreen's. I don't know about a snore aide, but anything worth's a shot. Right?

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    It is highly recommended that doing certain changes in your lifestyle so that sleep apnea devices will be more effective. If you are obese, there is a great chance of snoring regularly simply because the fats will tend to block the air paths which triggers a person to snore. So, better loss weight if possible.

    Apart from being an overweight, smoking and drinking are also said to be the factors that triggers a person to snore. Of course if you are smoking, the muscles from your throat will have a tendency to relax as you keep on inhaling smoke from cigarettes. In this case, the air will be blocked so it can’t circulate well so you keep on snoring nightly.
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    My ex-husband was not over weight, didn't smoke nor drink and man, I couldn't sleep in the same room ever.

    So that theory is out the window.


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    necro thread, spam attractor, spammer banned, thread closed.
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