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Sex & Sexual Health

Birth Control

Discussions about the different types and brands of birth control, their pros and cons, personal experiences, and other related topics.
Topics: 1,417 Posts: 8,496
by deepthy

Reproductive Health

Discussions about reproductive health including: menstrual cycle, gynecology, reproductive organs, and other related topics.
Topics: 3,044 Posts: 18,626
by jemmadr

Sex & Sexuality

Discussions about sex including: intercourse, masturbation, orgasms, intimacy, oral sex, and all other sex and sexuality-related topics.
Topics: 5,263 Posts: 78,236

Sex Toys, Lube & Accessories

Discussions about sex toys and accessories including: vibrators, dildos, BDSM, lube, how to use them, personal experiences, and other related topics.
Topics: 166 Posts: 2,112

Grooming & Hair Removal

Discussions about grooming and hair removal including: pubic/body/facial hair, pros/cons, personal experiences, and other related topics.
Topics: 276 Posts: 2,907
Dating, Relationships & Marriage


Discussions about dating and relationships including: your significant other, dating/single life, long-term relationships, and all other related topics.
Topics: 1,333 Posts: 17,151
by MrMr

Relationships (Non-Dating)

Discussions about non-dating/marriage relationships including: your friendships, family, co-workers, and similar connections.
Topics: 2,501 Posts: 28,003


Discussions about marriage and domestic partnerships including: your spouse/partner, marriage, intimacy, and all other related topics.
Topics: 1,605 Posts: 20,372

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  • My boyfriend can't finish while having sex with me

    Hello everyone,
    I am 52, my boyfriend is 53. Him and I have been in a committed relationship for 10 months. From the beginning our sex life has...

    02-29-2024, 12:55 PM By tgraykansas
  • Have you ever held a penis while peeing?

    My fwb recently asked if she could hold me while I peed. I was totally open to it but kept getting hard when she tried to lol.

    Has anyone...

    02-29-2024, 11:55 AM By MrMr
  • should I divorce

    Due to a sexless marriage, I have found myself losing interest in my partner, we have both put on weight her 50 and me 15 and now do not desire her. I...

    02-07-2024, 08:59 AM By CJ99
  • Sexless in Seatle

    All was great during the dating period, sex once a day or more then marriage, work stress and a move and that killed the sex drive. Not in the morning...

    02-06-2024, 09:33 PM By CJ99